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 Support from the Pulpit for Living More With Less

In our Wednesday night study going through Living More With Less By Doris Janzen Longacre we are in our 6th week and on chapter 12. Money and Stewardship. One of the discussion questions was "3. Churches talk about tithing but not much about the other 90 percent, Beryl Jantzi writes. In what ways does your church community address issues of finances? How could your church address the “90 percent” even more?" This lead to a lively discussion in our small group. How much should come from the pulpit on how we spend the rest of the money God gives us. We know that it would be hard for any speaker to bring it it up because there is a fine line between admonition and meddling. One member of our group said the church should focus of foundational issues i.e. repentance, salvation.... but chapter 12 of the book says that Christ the apostles and the prophets all spoke of money and wages. In total there are more than 2300 verses that address the subject. Wouldn't that qualify this as a foundational issue? Should the subject of spending to nurture people and communities and divesting from things that do harm that do harm be addressed from the pulpit? Can it be done without being seen as meddling?

I recently heard a good sermon on envy. It along with other things that I have been hearing from God spoke some struggles that I have been having. Do you think that a message like this would be served well if it were linked with a message on materialism and affluence? The subject of lust (a form of envy) is often addressed by speakers but there are fewer messages on modesty (I attend a Methodist Church). There are probably parallels between those who flaunt their bodies and those that flaunt their wealth and parallels between those who lust sexually and those that envy materialistically.

Just wondering what you think,

James Burns

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