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 Re: The Bible series begins tonight...

What I would be interested in knowing is how many people will say this series will encourage their faith vs. how many people will say it just proved to them there is no God.


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Reading through this thread I am a little disheartened. 15 million people watched the premiere in the US. Frankly I think it's good their watching this than other trash there is on TV.

We live in a culture where people spend hours in front of the TV and whilst yes we should pray for God to turn people's hearts to Him through reading the Word and being convicted through it by the Holy Spirit, this TV series could for many be what God uses to bring them to examine the scriptures for themselves.

On this point, rather than us rant on a Christian forum about the inaccuracies (of which I was also saddened) can I suggest we are more constructive? Think about this, if people are going to be watching this series and then themselves diving into the bible themselves to see what was true and what was fabricated, could we not do something to help? I run a website and on it we could for example list all the inaccuracies in each series so the viewers themselves can see what was added, with the objective being that this will help viewers to dive into the Word for themselves and discover for themselves the truths of the Bible. If anyone is interested please let me know, as I feel we should be more constructive and actually doing something to help build a bridge from this film which will be seen by millions into exploring the Word for themselves.

If we want God to be honoured and glorified in this generation, I think we should be using the opportunity that comes from a big series like this to pray for and encourage non-believers to examine the scriptures for themselves. Following Christ isn't a club for the elite, we're sinners saved by grace called to share the message of Christ to a dying generation...

David Towers

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I heard on the news yesterday that 85 million people have downloaded the free Bible app that has been advertised during the show.

That certainly is a good thing.


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As a family we do not have a TV in our home. But we have been on a trip to kentucky visiting Pure Life ministries and brother Steve Gallagher. We stopped on the way back at a hotel and out of interest I went through some channels to see christian tv stations etc I ran across the history channel and it was the Bible program that I heard saints sharing about.

The show ended with Jesus Christ appearing to John on Patmos and saying things that were not even in the bible and ending that when he comes back he will bring with him world peace, joy and these things.

This is a delusion and the presentation is preparing the masses to look for an antichrist figure who will come back to usher in world peace and tranquility in the midst of great stress and confusion.

The series has been backed by men like rick warren and others so it is not surprising that there were many unscriptural statements throughout the show.

I feel this is doing greater damage than good and brainwashing many who do not read their bibles at all (unbelievers) or those who do not read their bibles carefully (believers).

Me and my wife were sobering and shocked at what we saw at the end and in some of the clips.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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Brother Greg, thanks to a lot of the phonie TV preachers, they have started a new type Christianity, it's called compromised Christianity. 1 Timothy 4:1 says,
The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons.


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I would have to agree with Greg on the last episode. My wife and I have watched the entire series. While we did notice inaccuracies in the previous episodes, none of them seemed to detract from the overall message each story conveys.

The last episode, however, really came up short and that was very disappointing.

I will say this, the episode where Jesus calls Matthew was incredibly moving. I think that scene really got to the heart of Jesus' ministry on earth. The care and love conveyed about the broken and lost in this world brought me to tears. They took some license with the calling of Matthew and used the parable of the pharisee and tax collectors prayer as the dialog of Matthew's calling. As Jesus is telling the parable, the camera pans to Matthew's face when Jesus says the words, "God, have mercy on me, a sinner." As Jesus says these words, Matthew mouths them with Jesus as if they are the words of his prayer. It was a beautiful combining of two separate instances.

But yeah, that last episode was very disappointing.

Matt Smith

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