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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Obama Says He'd Strike Down All Bans on Same-Sex Marriage

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 Obama Says He'd Strike Down All Bans on Same-Sex Marriage

In an impromptu White House press conference on Friday, President Barack Obama spoke on his administration's recent decision to file an amicus brief urging the Supreme Court to strike down Proposition 8, saying there is "no good reason" for a ban on same-sex marriage.

He was responding to a reporter who asked the president why he doesn't "just argue that marriage is a right that should be available to all people of this country."

Obama responded by saying: "What we've said is that same-sex couples are a group, a class that deserves heightened scrutiny. The Supreme Court needs to ask the state why it's doing it, and if the state doesn't have a good reason, it should be struck down. That's the core principle, as applied to this case. ...

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SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: Obama Says He'd Strike Down All Bans on Same-Sex Marriage

Greg, I wrote two posts in response to this and deleted both - this is the third.

All I am left to say is that things are shaping up that will challenge godly folks like never before. Your faith will be tested to the max. Jesus says it will be. Stay strong now, do not wait until it gets real bad, get in practice NOW.

Lord have mercy! Especially on the children...and their mommies and daddies...

Sandra Miller

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Ginnyrose very good post thank you. Much prayer is needed in these ever increasingly dark times.

God bless

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I think what is behind this is Obama is probably feeling the heat from homosexual lobbyists or crowd to get something done in order to justify their practice. Meanwhile it is labeled as an emotional appeal to the public for justification.


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What has always amazed me about the whole story of Sodom and Gomorrah is that the Kings of that land saw a godly man Abraham, war on their behalf in the battle of Kings, they even were willing to give offerings for that victory, than just a short time later, used to know how many years later...can't seem to recall now, they were completely ready for God's wrath. That amazes me how fast a society can fall and the cup of their judgement fill up so fast. When a countries leadership falls to a certain moral level the judgments in God's system of justice start moving at a very rapid pace.A couple of weeks ago I had an experience that has never happened to me least not while I was awake, as I went about my daily life (the things I normally just do) it felt as if everything all around me was moving and changing at an incredible rate of speed, normally when I see such things it's in dream.I am convinced that the clock of America is now on count down and the control over this countries future is very uncertain.


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 Re: Obama Says He'd Strike Down All Bans on Same-Sex Marriage

While it is today, let us pray. If and when judgment and God's wrath be poured out, there is still hope and deliverance found. Even when the Babylonians were at the walls of Jeruslaem, Jeremiah the prophet, told King Zedekiah that if he humbled himself and went out and surrendered to the king of BAbylon, the city and his family would not be destroyed. Even at that late hour, God was being merciful. And even at this late hour for our nation, there is power in prayer.
but one of the problems is that when the urgency and need gets greater, the church does no always respond with more desperate and urgent prayer until after the judgment. We must respond now, while there is time.

I write this warning in this blog posts, but it is only a warning of destruction if we don't prevail in prayer.

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