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 Christians dubbed threat to 'national security' in Libya

The Libyan government has now arrested seven people for preaching the gospel and tortured at least one, claiming the missionaries are a threat to national security.

Morningstar News reported that among the seven arrested are at least three Egyptians, in addition to a Swedish-American missionary, a South African and a South Korean.

Middle East analyst Raymond Ibrahim reported that the leader of the Libyan security forces, Hussein Bin Hmeid, claimed the missionary activities threaten Libya’s “national security.”

Bin Hmeid tried to justify the Islamic ban on free speech, Ibrahim said, noting proselytizing is forbidden in Libya. ...

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 Re: Christians dubbed threat to 'national security' in Libya

In America we also will lose the First Amendment freedom of speech rights if the Second Amendment (gun rights) is taken, because the only true way to enforce the removal of the Second Amendment in part or of the whole is to also remove the First Amendment and that way they can severely hinder speech in the public forum and all in the name of national security, and hate crimes speech. America is not to far behind Libya, fact. Our current President has done and is in the process of doing things that will place many people groups in jail because they happen to advocate different views from his political agenda.They have openly threatened the media...even troughs who support them...the liberal news media is going to find out that what they get is not what they had hoped for.I think things are happening in the world now as a picture of what America may look like sometime soon in the future if something does not happen soon to change its course.To what extent and how extreme it will be is any ones guess. May be much like the early persecution of the church, providence by providence and it differed vastly.


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