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 Prophetic Country Singing? Just like Keith Green


I have been priviildged to know personally Trevor Baker, he is a very godly brother who has a prophetic calling from the Lord to exhort the body of Christ to authentic reality and genuiness. He is a country singer and I feel in him the same burden and love for the body of Christ that Keith Green did.

Please take time to watch one of his concerts and consider inviting him to minister in your local church or area in the USA:

Trevor Baker Concert - Let's Go Home

You can contact him here:

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 Re: Prophetic Country Singing? Just like Keith Green

Greg, thanks for posting this. I was expecting a genre something on the order of Keith Green. But, it was exactly the opposite. Trevor Baker's style is probably the most humble and laid back, almost nervous and scared for the most part. To tell the truth, with so much 'polished' entertainment these days, I 'almost' cut it off at the beginning. (very telling on myself, huh?)

Anyway, I didn't and I am so very glad I stuck with it. Trevor has almost a prophetic voice along with his music but one has to almost strain to hear it. He has an amazing voice to be sure within his own style of music, but I have to say, almost shout, I received more from what he said than the lyrics to his songs. He surprises you with the truth and then he reinforces the prophetic voice with his lyrics.

Now I must say that others may be the opposite and be more challenged by his music but it is because I am so musically challenged, much to my chagrin. Either way, I so encourage you to take some time and listen for a while and hear his message, both verbally and in song, even if this isn’t your style of music. It may well surprise you as well as encourage and challenge.

His speaking voice is very soft, so you will have to continually adjust your volume. This may not be for you. Nevertheless, please give it a listen and not be swayed by modern comparisons.

Trevor Baker is one of the most pure, humble and honest voices I have heard in a long time. He has a message for our time, both in song and voice (not sure of what word I should have used here, but I mean what he is saying between songs.)

My advice is to not listen when you are in a hurry...

(EDIT: PS: as you can tell, I am not good at giving reviews but please don't let that hinder you)

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