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 Supreme Court urged to leave marriage definition to the states

Urging the Supreme Court not to legalize gay marriage for all 50 states, supporters of California Prop 8 say in a court brief that opposite-sex couples' unique ability to procreate -- thus benefiting society by "creating and nurturing the next generation" -- provides states with a rational reason to define marriage in the traditional sense.

The 65-page opening brief by -- the official proponents of Prop 8 -- asserts that children need a mother and a father, and it even quotes President Obama, a supporter of gay marriage, as he underscored the need for fathers in children's lives.

The Supreme Court will hear two cases March 26-27 that could either affirm the historical definition of marriage or legalize gay marriage for the entire nation. One case concerns a portion of the Defense of Marriage Act that defines marriage for the federal government, while the other case involves ...

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 Re: Supreme Court urged to leave marriage definition to the states

If it becomes law of the land, certain wrath and judgment will follow. Just how severe, we don't know. We was told in 1996 that there was no need to worry, DOMA would protect marriage. Now here we are, and if they overturn one state all states will fall and it will become the law of the land. This is a very crucial hour for our nation.

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