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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Rightly dividing the bible among sects, cults, and denominatons.

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Why can't men just wait for God to move that will come..

We plan, orginise, write books, set up web sites, the list could go on.

Moses also made the same mistake. When he looked upon the bondage and oppression imposed upon the Hebrews (his own people) by the Egyptians, he killed an Egyptian (Ex. 2:11-12).

Moses desire to help God's people was right but he tried to do it on his own strength.

But the day came when he saw a burning bush that wasn't consumed this time, you'll not go in your own ability. You'll go in my power, strength and wisdom to deliver the Children of Israel out of Egypt.

Wait for the burning bush..

Colin Murray

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 Re: Rightly dividing the bible among sects, cults, and denominatons.

Why are there many denominations that are contradicting one another?

Have you ever seen a fake 1 cent coin? But you could see many fake $100 bill. So only precious things are faked. Bible and the Gospel is precious. That is why there are different groups that try to make different versions of it that appear like original but are missing something in it and is not complete.

Why does certain denomination give importance to certain things while certain denominations does not?

It depends on the thing we are talking about. There are many who major in minor things. For example tongues do exist but the Bible talks very less about it. But there are denominations that major in this minor thing. Holiness is major thing that Bible emphasis a lot in New covenant but there are very few denominations that hold them.

Also people fail to take a balanced view on things. They take hold of extreme ends. For example when Pentecostals started embarrassing so much on gifts and when people saw the fake gifts shown by people just to get the approval of men, they went to the other extreme of not believing in gifts forming the brothern community.

Brother Zac Poonen explains it with an illustration like this, God's truth is like white light which is made of 7 different colors. People take 1 or 2 or 3 of these colors and believe that they have the complete truth. But it is still not white. To see the white light you need all 7 the colors.


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