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 Why Would God Show Me This?

Why would God show me this? I’m just nobody, I was In prayer, and in the distant in the darkness on the left I saw a sun in the position of a sunrise, and as I am starring at it, flashed inside my body, and I felt glorious joy and happiness, and there with God I did not need anything to eat or drink, the only thing that matters is the relationship I have with him nothing else, and this world and everything it has to offer is absolutely nothing compare to what he has in store for us, and I realised I love Jesus more than anybody on earth.

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 Re: Why Would God Show Me This?

"and Mary treasured all these things in her heart....." :0)


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 Re: Why Would God Show Me This?

He showed you because He loves you! And Father does not pour out his love on a "nobody."

Thank you for sharing.

Grace and peace,


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 Re: Why Would God Show Me This?

Obviously in your prayer you are facing south. I would think the image of the sun in begining position shows priority in life. It is first just as He is First.. If your life is now changed ie: He is your food that you survive on, if He is your most important affection, and nothing else matters other than Him, then you are a true child of His Kingdom and for you all things are new. If however things were already changed in your life just as you described in the prayer/vision, than I would agree with with Matthew in that He loves you and confirms that love to His own. Though I would argue the symantecs because He only saves nobodies and they are only some bodies because of Him. Even more, conquerors through Him.

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