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Son Of Thunder i come from a land down under, due south at the bottom of your work globes

 Sarcasm the lowest form of humour!?

Its been said that sarcasm is the lowest form or (kind) of humour there is

But i fail to see ...any benefits in the quick jab, the witty blurb, the sharp words. (Well not if the outcome of the humour is at someone else's expense)

The perpetrators of initiated sarcasm ... strangely think they were clever.

They made a joke, they got others to laugh or chuckle, and wry smiles:

And in doing so ...they have gotten others to particpate in (there lowest form of humour) known as Sarcasm.

The problem with sarcasm is - it is barbed - it is loaded - it is USUALLY offensive ...and the recipient of sarcasm is usualy belittled; put down in some way, ridiculed and/or mocked. In essence Made sport of:

Samson was made sport of when captured by the ungodly philistines:

The perpetrators and initiators of sarcasm i have found often encourage "OTHERS" to join in there "chorus" of blantant mockery. (Intended for some person they intend to ridicule)

This dishonours and disrespects other people ( and often fires darts without any ensuing apology or acknowledgement of poorly used humour )

Worse still mockers often encourage various forms of internet bullying intended to zero in on and/or target - - a specific individual.
(If this is you and youve encouraged any forms of internet bullying) seriousky (honestly) you need to Repent! It really is that serious. And if youve enjoyed seeing other people bullied on-line ( your heart is not right in the sight of God) Teenagers and even adults have been known to suffer severe depression from such targeted taunts. Its really NOT funny
(No not at all)


Personally i see no benefits in SARCASM (none)

To me its a bit on the nose: ( meaning it stinketh)

Years ago i use to work in a funeral parlour and had to endure peoples sarcasm about the dead and the dying jokes(spoken in poor taste) And then changed jobs ( not because of the barbs ) but for other reasons - but now in my current job i hear the similiar sarcasm over and over upon people seeing what i do for a living ( which is totally ethical and honest) but The thing is it might actually be funny ...only that when people say these comments...ive heard it said a thousand times before.

I am toughed skinned and have since learned to ignore the comment.

But it highlights just how this( lowest form of humour) has little (if not NO benefits at all ) dont quit your day job ...or* take to* stand up comedy routines. (If your one who is " given to" sarcasm and mockery)
And if sarcasm is your Go - - Then sooner or later (probably sooner, than later) eventually it will be to your own undoing and downfall. Just as pranks and hoaxes played on people ...ultimately brings shame and disgrace.

People have been brainwashed into thinking sarcasm is funny/ witty.

Thats the worlds influence on YOU. My advice let all course & foolish jesting which is innappropriate be put far away from you.

Its one one of those Ephesians and collossians "put offs" in christ.


Well i would think so

(In my opinion sarcasm seldom, if any, has any redeeming qualities whatsover) full stop/period.

Bro Stephen

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Joined: 2005/3/31
Posts: 419
Son Of Thunder i come from a land down under, due south at the bottom of your work globes

 Re: Sarcasm the lowest form of humour!?

One of the reasons i like it here at SI is the moderators soon step in if things deteriorate between brethren anf go from bad to worse.

Brother and against brother and sister oppossed to brother. Ecet.

And its good every so often to refresh yourself with the rules of posting.

And evrerybody is entitled to being protected if they become the target of ridicule and sarcasm ( which is also unjustified) and not comely.

Bro Stephen

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My grandma used to say that "sarcasm is the weapon of the weak."

I disagree that all sarcasm is always bad--it all depends on context; obviously it is bad if intended to disparage or ridicule someone.

Overall I would agree that it is something to be avoided, especially in a theology discussion forum.


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"I disagree that all sarcasm is always bad--it all depends on context; obviously it is bad if intended to disparage or ridicule someone."

As I studied Isaiah I became aware how God used sarcasm in his denouncements of evil ... A person has to immerse himself into the context in order to see it - it will escape the casual reader.

But I do understand how much of sarcasm is ugly. If we love others as taught in 1Corinthians 13 we would not deliberately work to belittle others, hurt them.

Sandra Miller

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1ki 18:27-28 Now this is a brother I could hang with :0)


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I postd under the topic that Greg shared yesterday on the topic similar to this. Jokes, jabs, mocking, and sarcasm can be very hurtful and yet it is something that many struggle with. We have become such a callous people, so often things are said that are cruel and hurtful but we call it joking...I wonder how often JESUS laughs at the things we now consider funny.

On another note it can be a very real struggle to be around another who finds humor in this way and who is very sarcastic. It is something I find I really need to be in prayer all the more for.

God bless

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Joined: 2005/3/31
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Son Of Thunder i come from a land down under, due south at the bottom of your work globes


Yeah well said MJ

I hear ya ...i really hear ya.

The old testament saints/prophets didnt have "what we have"

The new birth, regeneration, the new creation experience in Christ Jesus

I think its called being "born again"

That's the first thing to establish here.

Not saying they werent God's (of course) (or unsaved)

But according to my understanding the new testament saint under grace should in effect - NOT have sin being in dominion over him.

Which also helps explain the struggle O.T saints had with Sin.
(yea even the prophets)

Now according to the apostle peter the holy ghost was sent down from heaven after christs death (post day of pentecost) and therefore assisting us to have greater power of sins of the flesh.ecet ecet.

The new testament saint has a better covenant ...with better PROMIES.

GIVING us some clear advantages regarding the struggle with-in.

But anyhow we try to justify something that is a clear "put off in scripture

How quickly we try to pass off sarcasm as something harmless and *funny*

To be sure God has sense of humour ( in the right context) i believe.

But ridicule, mocking, and injurious sarcasm is a spirit from Satan.

As i said' sarcasm endeavours to get a good rapore at parties and social get togethers - and after all its the sarcastic comments which create quote " a suppossed humourous atmoshere. (well suppossedly)

Its easy to dish it up - it makes people laugh (and comes at no cost to you.) Okay you might get the laughs for social wit - and for being the proverbial smart alec.

But As MJ said and she stole my thunder actually ...Jesus did not go around cracking funnies, looking for humourous situations to tell a joke or to pay out on peter for being such a clux refering to his blunders and his blowing - it numerous times.

When peter was naked on the boat and realized it was the risen Lord approaching he quickly reached for some clothing attire and dived headlong into the waters. But notice Jesus didnt say afterwards ... to his disciples .. ah man that was a cack, halirous, so funny, why did you see how swiftly he (Peter) dived into the water and his face was as red and flushed as a beetroot.

Im sorry to have to inform you as did MJ that NO Jesus didnt go around paying out on people in order to seem funny and/or witty. (seeking to be clever, halirous, or the proverbial jokester)

Jesus was in the image of God (perfect) and never so once stooped so low as to engage in sarcasm...nor was he given at all to jokes or clowning around. Jesus mirrored the father full of light,sinless, and avoided sarcasm thereby.

(funny that)

And definitely no pun intended either.

Bro Stephen

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 Re: question

Do you believe in sinless perfection? Just asking because that's what I seem to be reading in your statements above?


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Joined: 2005/3/31
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Son Of Thunder i come from a land down under, due south at the bottom of your work globes


Perhaps dont assume anything.

As you know nothingbabout me ( really)

Howevet if your someone trying to justify sarcasm.

Your barking up the wrong tree. (Here)

Paul said in colossians and ephesians we should know the "put offs"

His words not mine.

Therefore as new borns we are exhorted to *put off* this this and this

Otherwise sanctification in the spirit ...means nothing.

So new testament christians are worse off ...than o.t saints?.

Or do we have more power over Sins?

Sin shall NOT have dominion over you.

For you are NOT under law (but grace)

Pauls words not mine.

The law caused the offence to increase.

The law worked wrath.

Grace works in the opposite vein.

This is According to paulsvwords ( not mine)

Therefore (and a no brainer) at that

Sarcasm shouldnt be to difficult to die out to ...nor justify

Let alone reign in. (And crucify)

A process (yes) but an acknowledement of sin ( necessary)

You cant changeb what you dont OWN or confess to.

Whats so hard or difficult about dying out to this Sin?

Why do people. Want to justify sarcasm and being condescending

Its so unlike christ. (It really is)

(And we are called to follow in his steps) according to peter and paul.

Make excuses for being holy - - not unholy.

Accept it and move on.

There is NO excuse in the bible for Sin.

Only room for confessing and acknowledgement.

God does NOT condone sarcasm.

In any way - shape- or form.

Your decieved to think otherwise.


Give up the cit-coms at 7.00 pm ( there funny)

But deadly to your walk in christ

Bro Stephen

 2013/2/28 4:11Profile

Joined: 2005/3/31
Posts: 419
Son Of Thunder i come from a land down under, due south at the bottom of your work globes


Actually not a few modern preachers have confessed therr liking to the

7.00 pm time slot cit coms.

Oh. But there funny (lighten up) will you.


Nay: sexual references in nearly all 7 pm cit- coms

Do yourself and your walk with christ a favour.

Give em up ( including the god-less) big bang theory

Bro Stephen

 2013/2/28 4:53Profile

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