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Son Of Thunder i come from a land down under, due south at the bottom of your work globes

 Fresh manna from heaven

I dont know how many people are like me but i value and highly esteem a *fresh Word* ...a new Word from heaven. (God still speaks) and there is something refreshing to the soul - when fresh manna arrives from above.

He's the God of the Now -- and he still Speaks to his church.

By this i dont necessarily mean " A new thing" as such.

But a fresh revitalizing, rejuvenating, invigourating WORD.


It renews and feeds the soul ...and in fact its imperative.

Man doesnt live by bread alone, but by every WORD that proceeds forth from the MOUTH of God. Saith the son of God.

It is that on -going spritual nourishment that feeds and sustains us. ( we need fresh manna ) beloved. Thank God for the past. But we need a fresh Word going forward.

We need his voice, his word, his truth, his leading.

The voice of his Spirit communing and shewing things to come.

Yea what we need is ( the mind of Christ)

What we need is His " thus saith The Lord"

The prophet Agabus had several "in season" Words for the early church

Which the disciples heeded as a current word ...and the general consenus of the church was. " this is a word from the Lord"

Its for the NOW, its in the moment, its current, and its relative to our situation, circumstances, and our generation.

God is still speaking:

We need fresh bread and fresh manna from heaven. (Beloved)

Not extra biblical- revelation per se (God forbid)

But able to Know and discern a Word when we hear it ...

And feast at his table. ( when it arrives)

For my words are Spirit and they are life. And life indeed:

And Its for this cause we have a new testament and a new covenant beloved. For that which waxeth OLD and DECAYETH is ready to vanish away.

Furthermore consider in the days of the prophets of old ...when there was "no word of the Lord" and" no open heaven" as it were (in the time of the book of samuel) the people suffered and ere the lamp of the lord went out in the temple of the God - - - to use an allergory.

The word of the Lord was considered precious in - - those days.

And indeed God spake in sundry days and in divers manners by the prophets.

Hmmm indeed.

Bro Stephen

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