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 What might happen if....

The above link is to a news article North Korea threatens "final destruction" of South Korea

After reading this article and a few others I wonder what some who follow these events might be seeing in all of this. I know many do not take the threats of North Korea seriously but wonder if that is a mistake. In what I have read even just a small nuclear bomb targeted at Seoul in South Korea could bring that city to its knees and then there is the question of what other countries might become involved? Russia? China? Japan? We are allies with South Korea so would it be reasonable to believe that we would become involved also?

As with any such events I pray GOD will be done and know HE is in control. Would love to hear the thoughts of those who have interest and understanding on this topic.

God bless

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 Re: What might happen if....

Hey MaryJane,

The topic can be unnerving for sure!

However, I have discussed this issue with three people that were military intelligence based in South Korea over the years. In the final analysis here is where they, and I, arrived at-

The security of South Korea is not based on the military strength of the US, Australia, or any other allies.

The security of South Korea is based on the prayer strength of the South Korean Church and God's response to that.

Yes, take all natural means possible to safeguard your people as a nation. However, the ultimate safety net comes in God's covering in response to prayer.

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