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 Gay Parade in Israel

I'm not sure if anyone else on this site has mentioned this and i certinaly do not hate homosexual and am not a homophobe. . but this made me a little angry, you can view the article at
There is a homosexual World Pride parade scheduled in the near future and of all place for this debaucury to take place they have chose a piece of ground smaller than the sate of New Jeresey.
They have intentions of Mraching down the streets of Jerusalem. most of those attending the parade are coming from homosexual "churches" and have the utmost intentions of being baptized as couples in the Jordan river. . .thus Israel will see this and what message will it send about those that worship the messiah? WE need to pray and sign the petition to be submitted to Jerusalems mayor!


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 Re: Gay Parade in Israel

:-o :oops: :cry: :cry: :-? Oh I feel so burdened today. I am meeting with my pastor today because I feel as though I am to move on to a different church. I just heard some people talking about how that they can find eternal life by not dying, by having their brain in a robot. Their thought was that all of you really is just your brain, that you really dont need your lungs, heart and all of this. That isnt the real you.
Oh and now this... Oh how i feel so downcast and burdened today.

Josh Parsley

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