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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Rand Paul Declares America Needs a ‘Spiritual Cleansing’ and ‘Revival’: ‘Something Really Depraved..

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 Rand Paul Declares America Needs a ‘Spiritual Cleansing’ and ‘Revival’: ‘Something Really Depraved..

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) appeared on Glenn Beck’s radio show this morning to discuss a variety of topics. After commenting about the need to combat President Barack Obama’s use of executive power, the politician dove into the spiritual realm. Noting that he believes America’s problems run deeper than political schisms, Paul called for a spiritual awakening and revival.

The senator made his comments about the need for faith leaders to rise up and called for increased religious fervor after Beck asked him about his own spiritual well-being.

Paul said that when he was first running for office he appreciated people telling him that they were praying for him, but that he didn’t take these pledges seriously enough. Now, he sees inherent value in these prayers and well-wishes — and he believes the nation should adopt similar sentiments. ...

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 Re: Rand Paul Declares America Needs a ‘Spiritual Cleansing’ and ‘Revival’: ‘Somethin


I read the article and the comments below it. Every time you have a conservative step on people's toes, you evoke vitriolic responses that belie common sense. I doubt we will ever see a return to common sense because people are so far removed from the reality of TRUTH. The hate that spews from people's fingertips is appalling...

My opinion.


Sandra Miller

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 Re: Rand Paul Declares America Needs a ‘Spiritual Cleansing’ and ‘Revival’: ‘Somethin

America wants a feel good political fix that will sweep the nation and fix it so that we can remain healthy wealthy and wise.We give that nice little names like spiritual, social order, acceptance,tolerance etc..America doesn't need revival just yet, they need a good dose of reality, a reality that will break them, dash all their hopes, destroy all their dreams, bring them to a place called despair. Unfortunately to get to this point will not be a very pleasant road, but when there's nothing left to hang onto, than maybe, just maybe some will truly be saved. Revival has been a good catch phrase for church leaders as well as politicians who to some degree want the christian vote.But true revival in societies only comes when the conditions at the present hurt more than what ever change needs to happen will.The church wants revival because it means more people and more resources and really has little to do with the Glory of God, if that were the case church leaders would not care how or through whom Jesus sent revival, but that is not the case, it's, "Jesus send us a revival(while in the back of our minds we are saying .....but do it our way through the people we want in the method we want)...a real lack of true surrender here."
Politicians on the other hand have their motives too. The want a revival, of sorts, something of social reform really the kind that reaches into the areas of society that they can not touch with out hurting their political careers. They want something controllable and rather than take a chance and allow Almighty God to revive them personally and take on they job they were elected for, which would mean political suicide, they make demands on the church, they pass the buck!
Revival will come, but not like any of us wants. It'll come in the midst of judgement, as the land is vomiting us out (think weather patterns). It'll come as our economy is collapsing or maybe has collapsed.It'll come to perhaps only a remnant across this land as they witness this great city fall.When it does come it will be to a people who will accept the very presence of God without hidden strings attached.


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