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Hemel Hempstead

 I am struggling to find fellowship aswell

I have been going round from church to church I so want somewhere stable I can understand how you feel

Dominic Shiells

 2013/2/16 12:45Profile

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Son Of Thunder i come from a land down under, due south at the bottom of your work globes


Perhaps one day in the timings of God ...i shall (thanks)

Quality good sound fellowship is hard to find (period/full stop)

Great post/ topic by the way (kudos to you for honesty)

Others would say similiar sure.

I often would want to talk about scripture ( the bible) and/ or good books after a church service. But very few were interested ...and such only wanted to talk about jobs, family, recreational interests. Per se

It was if they had done sacrifice showing up to church on sunday but as soon as the full time whistle had sounded (and church is over) it was back to talking about carnal and worldly things. (Very exasperating)

One church i gave myself to ...for Lo four years.Totally...was like this.

Finding good genuine quality fellowship was almost next to near impossile and I felt so alone amongst ...some 1500 souls. Mmm.

Does anyone wish to find fault with me?

Oh brother really you go Go to. Church to give ... not recieve! Lol lol

Oh really. When alls they want to do is talk about football, spectator sport and small business after the service is over.

Ohh please give me a break ( if you wouldnt mind)

Good post brother.

Many people have the same complaint and legitimately so.

You have me though as a friend forever...if that helps

God bless !!!

Bro Stephen

 2013/2/17 9:39Profile

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Northern Rockies, BC, Canada

 Re: Lack of fellowship

Dear elderlemon,

The Lord is faithful. He knows each one much more than we know our ownselves. If I were to encourage, I'd encourage you in Him. It is better to lean on God's understanding, and throw our own aside - this is what the Spirit teaches. Trust in God, and not in man.

There is a season, a time for everything under the sun. It is a good time to set our minds on things above, and not on things below. The Lord leads and guides those that trust in Him - through the valleys and upon the hills. we walk by faith, not by sight, lest we become discouraged; and in ourselves, we should be discouraged, our own discouragement driving us to Christ for strength and wisdom.

So, I encourage you in Him. Press on in Him. Strive in Him. Rest in Him. He is your Alpha and Omega. He is your Guide, yor Wisdom, your Strength, your Pillar, The Rock of Ages throughout all the ages and forevermore. Press on in patience, and keep your eyes fixed on Him.

You probably already know these things; but I think it is good to be reminded of them; and I too, remind myself, and am reminded by His Word of these things daily. Oh, how easy it is for me to forget at times! However, the more time I spend in Him, His Word, in quiet reflection daily, hourly, before arising, before sleeping, Ah, praise God, the more I am encouraged.


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To Elderlemon,

My husband and I would be able to relate to your situation. Part of the problem is the busyness going on in peoples lives. We started going to a new church to a town we had just moved to, a few years ago. So we knew no one, nor had family in the area. Most of the people in the church had family, and had already established friendships.
They were probably maxed out with fellowship.

My husband and I started joining small groups, even though we were busy with our lives. Also, we invited people over to our home for meals. There are several single adults in our church that do not seem to be invited by the married people, we also try to include them. As you, I yearn for more, and look forward to a deeper love amounst the believers.

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