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 The age in which we live! Or to live in this age!

A modern way of speaking about Christ

"But Jesus often got angry at His disciples, especially Peter. He got angry with the Pharisees. Jesus got angry with the priests and publicans of the temple. It is very revealing what ticked Jesus off. Of course, we are encoded beings, and human nature is not the same in all ages. If Jesus exhibited the seven basic facial expressions that correspond to seven basic emotions recognised by people from all cultures, the emotion ascribed to that face would depend on the broader context in which it occurred. What sparks anger in particular can differ radically from one age to another."

I won’t attribute this quote to the author because that is not necessary. However, please read it very carefully and ask yourself the following questions.

Is the saying broadly accurate?
If so what is accurate about it?
How would you describe the “reality” of this saying?

Is it (a) Spiritual. (b) Cognitive. (c) Rational (d) None


Spiritual: Of the Spirit of God
Cognitive: Subject to the natural processes of the mind
Rational: Pertaining to reason and understanding
None: Having no reality

 2013/2/12 18:21

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