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Discussion Forum : Scriptures and Doctrine : Manifesting a contrary and counter spirit

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 Manifesting a contrary and counter spirit

People mistakenly think there clean because they have no fleshly vices in there life. (Hmmm) yet paul says in corinthians you cant be HOLY until you also CLEANSE yourself of all FILTHINESS of the SPIRIT:

People (christians) have an i am clean list they repeat to themselves.

I dont do this ... i dont do that ... im not like ...other compromisers.

The pharisee in the Temple said in essence " Thank God im Not like other men - - - yea even like this profligate publican.

Then he went down his reassuring self righteous catalogue of goodness

Oh God - i dont look at women, i dont do drugs, i dont do alcohol, i dont do tabacco, i dont watch harry potter movies ( smile ) I dont buy lotto or instant scratch its ( instant wins) smile***

Then came his "to do list "

Oh God - I fast regurlarly, I never miss a prayer Meet, let alone church, when the offering plate comes round the guy on my left and the woman on my right can testify i always reach for my wallet and out comes the fifty dollar note. (OF course the left hand never knows what the righthand is doing ) **smile**

People mistakenly measure themselves - by themselves.

You say whats wrong with that?

The pharisee in the temple remember " Im not like others"

People think there clean ...based on ...not indulging the world or flesh.

All the while living in: contrary spirit, combative attitudes,variance, confrontationalism, argumentative spirit, contentiousness, debate, strife.

But im clean as i dont have any avarices of the flesh.

True: but what about the heart? Though life? Attitudes?

And the filth of the Spirit???


Bro Stephen

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