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 Being Judged

Judgment is a very heavy term and it is used both in the courtroom and with the Gospel. Yet, if you have ever paid attention you might realize that alot of those who have left the church left because of the judgment of Christians as well as hearing the constant judgment of hellfire.

Hellfire is a negative quality to the human soul while Heaven is a positive yet when any kind of hellfire/judgment is pronounced over and over again it can cause harm to a persons psyche and thus a reason why some have left the church.

Rise up people like Joel Osteen who preaches a positive message with a watered down Gospel. It seems impossible to preach the Gospel without negativity yet why does the human soul dwell on the negative more than the positive when it comes to the Gospel?

How many Christians unknowingly threaten people with hell and judgment if they don't change their ways thinking that that negativity is going to turn them around supposing that we are trying to play God rather than praying for that person as well as reaching out to them even if they don't change their ways.

I think this is a reason why a great many have left the church and either gotten into the occult or become Atheists.

What do you think?


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 Re: Being Judged

I agree with you, the problem is not in Gospel. It is in the eyes of People. Gospel is a good news. It projects God as a Loving Father to us. It also projects God as a judge who will start judgment from his household (Church) and then to this world. Gospel can be compared to white light, which is a combination of different colours. If you take one of this color and think that it is light then you can never have a complete light. Even avoiding one color from it will make the light no longer white. The problem is people just take one piece of Gospel and preach only that, they never give a complete picture of the Gospel. Hence one side you see people who misunderstand the Gospel of grace and live in ungodly and unrepented life. On the other hand you see Churches scaring people with the coming judgment. I hardly see a balanced teacher in this time. I have only found Balance in Brother Zac Poonen's teachings and the sermons of Paris Readhead which I have heard so far.


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