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Hemel Hempstead

 A dying church in the uk

From the churches that i have visited, some have barely a youth group or youth in England
If there are no youth or married couples the church dies as who is going to continue the church once people have died
I guess like in judges the benjamites were crying for.wives for there. Sons
So we should be crying for the next generation
We should pray for singles to get married, couples to have children
I always remember that was one of the reasons they started prayer up in Scotland
We need a revival among youth

Dominic Shiells

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 Re: A dying church in the uk

Have you tried New Life Church at Cambridgeshire, UK? I do agree, at least in the US, that we are lacking in zealous youth. Some go to church because their parents do, and when they get away from home, they leave. Some youth say it is boring. I got saved in my 20's, in the late 70's, and most of the church was under 30. Most of the pastoral staff was in their 30's. Yes, we need revival! When was the last time you heard a message from the pulpit about the Baptism in the Holy Spirit? Many people in churches have never experienced that, and I believe that is key to revival.

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