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Son Of Thunder i come from a land down under, due south at the bottom of your work globes

 Major solar superstorm threat ( with 30 minute warning)

When these "super solarstorms" happen they cause major disruption and chaos! On average they happen ONCE every 150 years - and the last major one occured in the year of 1859:

For all intents and purposes solar superstorms do there damage by knocking out the earths major satellite communication systems.

When they come ...they cause massive power surges and knock down major Grid systems. They cause major disruptions to critical navigational systems, and aircraft control boards, they knock out GPS devices, but worse they knock out Major orbiting satellite links ...which in turn causes havoc to all GPS AND NAVIGATIONAL devices:

According to experts and scientists the enivitable BIG ONE will happen - - - and its not a matter of "if" but "when"

How do they happen? Well in effect the sun ejects billions of tonnes of energetic matter which travel at phenomenal speeds through space.

The sobering news is - at best planet earth -will get only 30 mins notice:

Furthermore the general consensus of opinion by engineers is definitely will happen again was the case in Year 1859.

These super outer space storms happen on average every 150 - 200 years. Therefore the odds of it happening again soon are immensely so:

This late great planet of ours has thus far dodged some major bullets in regards to asteroids and solar superstorms ...with several " near misses"

Should another Big hit occur though it would wreak havoc with the 4G Network and satellite communication systems. full stop/ period.

How long can we continue to dodge these " near misses" from these explosive matters flung into space -- from the sun?

The question begs.

The bible predicts there will be great signs in the heavens in the last days. ( continue to watch this space) and no pun intended.

Bro Stephen

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 Re: Major solar superstorm threat ( with 30 minute warning)

Just wondering - will this solar-storm deactivate the micro-chips implanted in people?

Sandra Miller

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lol very sharp ginnyrose very sharp


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good one ginny-- and they might also deactivate the giant robot. (Rev. 13:14-15)


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 Re: Major solar superstorm threat ( with 30 minute warning)

I heard the microchip will give them their 30min count-down in which time they have to find the nearest Faraday cage to hide in. . .

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