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 This is a response to repentance necessary for salvation.

I believe it is necessary. The reason I say this is our Lord & savior told them throughout the four gospels, told them to repent. I think that repenting in & of itself does not save you. Now that sounds heretectical. I believe that what true heart-felt repentance over ones sins does is prepare the heart (spirit) to properly receive the gospel!! Just like a farmer takes a cultivating disc & pulverises the ground ,before he plants the seeds that he wants to plant.So I believe genuine heart-felt repentance, genuinly feeling sorry over ones sins, prepares our hearts to receive Gods word correctly. In the old-testament they called it breaking up the fallow ground of our heart. I think when the gospel is presented correctly it will automatically cause conviction. Which will lead to repentance & properly receiving the gospel.If you read any of the great revival evangelists , they were not soft on sin like many of todays preachers. They had too much reverential fear of God, to worry about what people thought about them. They were God pleasers, instead of man pleasers. Read anything of Moody's, John G. Lake, Smith wigglesworth, C. Finney's, & the list goes on, & on. Leonard Ravenhill said that if Christ came back today He would not cleanse the pew, He would cleanse the pulpit!! Yes, conviction is for today, repentance is for today, consecration, & sanctification is still for today. God & His Holy Word has not changed, Man's love for self & human selfishness in general, I believe is what causes preachers to compromise. But God's Word shout's across the waves of time REPENT OF YOUR WICKED WAYS ,& receive the gospel. Receive His grace & forgiveness, & lay hold of eternal life that is in Christ. I would recommend to any one he reads this to take the time, & listen to Paris reidhead's sermon" Ten shekel's & a shirt". It opened my eye's year's ago to how much humanism is in the church. Well, enough said for now, God Bless You who read this.


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 Re: This is a response to repentance necessary for salvation.

Pride is a horrible deceiver and enemy of God. In my experience, while God may be speaking, I only hear Him when I come with a repentant heart. I have come to see repentance as a character quality, something that needs to surface almost unexpectedly, when I find myself defending the works of my flesh.

I can't imagine a genuine relationship with God without repentance, and while judging can get a bit sticky here, I have met a lot of Christians who display no evidence of real repentance. My pride turns the heavens to brass, I have been there, I don't like it at all.

Tom Cameron

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Repentance is NOT one of the modern contemporary churches favourite topics of late. Genuine heart felt deep abiding conviction for sin and wrong doings ( unrighteousness ) yea a burdened burning pricked conscience that is labouring heavy laden under the weight and guilt of (his/ or her) Sins.

No repentance is not just old teastament - - as is thought and taught by some, neither is it OLD fashioned or outdated, but rather its necessary, relevant, and requisited by both (the old and new testaments) it is pertinienent and TOTALLY essential ( for all and sundry ) who hear

Indeed The list goes on ... add your own adjectives:

But further to this issue ....listen - - - and i mean pay close attention to there altar calls and how they "word them" As to "what is required for a person to know God and find salvation in christ" (No mention of repentace or ofvthe consequences of not repenting)

The apostle peter implored his Own countryman to Save yourselves from an "ontoward Generation"

And is it just me? But lately has anyone else noticed the word "hell" in "altar calls" has been REPLACED or SUBSTITUTED with the words " eternal seperation" from God" ( instead damnation in hell) hmmm.

Today scarcely (rarely) (scantily) is the word" Hell" mentioned:

Its a deeply concerning trend

Bro Stephen

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 Re: This is a response to repentance necessary for salvation.

Hi ,
I have posted the exact same post on the previous thread but think it is relevant here(with a few small alterations)
Repentance is required for Salvation but....
I was saved and I am being saved and I will be saved when Christ comes or I die.
Turning to Christ and accepting him as Saviour is repentance.
Most brothers n sisters(i realize I am generalizing) I thread with on SI believe in post trib, hyper persecution ,ten shekels and a shirt type Christianity,they believe wrongly in my opinion in an un biblical term called "cheap grace" which is the same as easy belierverism.
I think most brothers/sisters who believe this way are very genuine but their end time view is normally reflected in the hardness they have towards Christians who are at a different stage of development or are immature.
I also think their views are a reaction to the crazy tv evangelist,blab n grab it false teaching that has been going on for the last few decades.I totally understand the fustration however God does have a plan for these Christians caught up in the world.Paul did the things(sins)he did not want to.What happens if on the last day of Paul's life he sinned and did not repent!You see where is the cut off?I understand the true concern you have for these people but I would be pleasantly surprized if you do not hold to at least one of the beliefs outlined,
yours staff

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Son Of Thunder i come from a land down under, due south at the bottom of your work globes


Not to go round and round in circles but the problem that arises from that thinking "belief" is one tends to take " sin" lightly - and as a result of the modern saved by grace (believe on Jesus ) message:

However Sin was a BIG DEAL in the old testament! Under judaic law certain offences, transgressions, sins - - were punishable ( there were punitive measures in place ) by law. One could be put to death for things committed.. And remember when i say this, bear in mind ...such ones ( offendors) were Jews.
(Gods own people and race) didnt escspe or get a pat on the back.
( God chastens his own and scourges them) its right there in your new testaments.

The law spoke saying that sin and transgression was indeed a big deal:

You say well aren't we glad we dont live under law or are subject to the OLD TESTAMENT? Anymore?

Shall we continue in sin then? That grace may abound?

The fast and swift reply ...fired in by paul was

God forbid !!!

How shall we that are dead to sin any longer therein?

So much of these doctrines we are seeing today stem from a lack of understanding of the scriptures. A good working knowledge of old and new testaments. Understanding "types" and "shadows" as the author of hebrews says

People need a revelation of Jesus Christ - and the meaning of the Cross

But not just that people say interpretation of scripture is a subjective thing ( i hear that still) and one is free to interpret things as they see them
( for themselves )

However, I do agree up to a point with your comment about hardness toward other believers...this is something we need to exercise more csution about.

But without watering down the message !!! ( of course )

Bro Stephen

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