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Methinks the danger here for Christians is that if they are told the Bible is literal and in the future it is proven to the Church that evolution is a reality, many will fall away because they relied on the "infallibility" of the book. seems to me, I heard that song before...

just a few dozen times! The Christianity that weds itself to the contemporary scienctific notions of the day is more likely to find itself a widow tomorrow.

Ron Bailey

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I think this comment deserves it's own frame or something.

The offense of the cross is generally going to come from folk trying to get people under some legalistic religion. If we preach the cross as strong as Paul did we would take some 'fire' but it would not be from folk we might expect. It would be friendly fire from people saying we have watered down the message.

Seriously, I was tremendously edified by your entire post. I plan on sharing your thoughts, (and Spurgeons) on the "offense" of the cross with some friends.

Chanin, I love these two words together:
Living Epistles

Together, they form a concise yet complete mission statement for a Christian.

Bubbaguy, thanks for that blessing.

I was wondering if this discussion on origins couldn't evolve into it's own thread. ;-) I would participate in it. I've been involved in related activities such as illustrating restorations of fossils, and I'm currently consulting with several CG animators to help AIG in planning a project on the Ark and the flood. I agree with you that belief in a literal 6 day creation is not essential for salvation. However, aside from the exaustive volleys of scientific data back and forth, I think there is a fruitful conversation to be had about how this debate is ultimately fueled by philosophic necessicity, and not true unbiased observation.

Blessings everyone,

ps. Thanks to whoever edited the title of this thread.

Mike Compton

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If I may, the offense of the Cross of Jesus should never come from the person delivering the message. I think that thought has been fairly well established. The offense of the Cross is simply in the Cross itself. German theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer wrote, "When Christ calls a man He bids him come and die." You cannot read the words of Jesus or the Epistles without coming to the realization that, in order to follow Jesus, the self must die. Jesus said that any man who was not willing to take up his own cross and follow was not worthy to be called His disciple. The expression of taking up ne's own cross has to do simply with proceeding to the place of execution. I would refer all interested parties to a wonderful article (found here in this site) by AW Pink called simply "Cross-Bearing." It details the nature of bearing a cross and, really, the reason the word of the Cross is offensive.
As for the nature of the evolution discussion, I don't know if believing in the literal six day creation is necessary for salvation. I do know, however, that I feel a great sense of pity for those who are unable to accept it as a literal account. My God is big enough to what the Bible says He did and, therefore, I accept His account. If your conception of God is not big enough to do it, I feel sorry for you.
Humbly in Christ's Love,

Alan Arnott

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Excellently put Robert! Spurgeon would be proud of you! Wonderful example of well thought out biblically based free thought from a well read and studied Christian mind. Good show old chap!

Most definitely your Bro,

 2005/3/8 22:19

 Re: testimony

About 20 years ago, I constructed a large cross from cypress. It was about 14 high. In the late afternoon, my 2 year old son and I would drag it down to the nearest thoroughfare and just stand there on the corner with it. I would watch the people pass. It was amazing the looks they'd give me.
The cross, like the gospel forces everyone into a decision. You are either drawn toward it or repelled by it. You simply cannot stay where you are. Rejection of the cross is the epidemy of rebellion against God. Not only have we sinned, but we also rejected His remedy for the problem.
The world will never be able to get rid of the cross. There is this huge problem with the calendar. Jesus and His life and death stand square in the middle of our calendar. You can take the cross down from public display, but you are not likely going to get the calendar changed.
One final word, you simply cannot remove the cross from a heart that has excepted it by faith. Oh alleluia. Alleluia. Once Jesus gets inside a heart, the world simply cannot get Him out!!! Glory be to God now and forever more.

At the cross at the cross,
where I first saw the light,
and the burden of my heart rolled away
It was there by faith, I received my sight
and now I am happy all the day.

How dreadful the soul that rejects the cross. It is the deepest darkness there is. God help us all.

 2005/3/8 22:40

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I edited my post and have decided not to say anything.


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I am wondering if this article is not being taken out of context, if it is not being used for another purpose than what it was written for. I don't think the author suggests that we go out and purposely find ways to offend. I don't hear Jesus saying in His day 'let's go out today and offend people."

Not to get back into discussing the title... but I hope your not implying that I used that article as a means of saying "let's go out today and offend people."


It worked too. Obviously.


 2005/3/9 8:42

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