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A testimony...

Presently we are having special meetings at our church. The speaker has a passion for the LORD and by extension other people.

Wednesday night he talked of hell, how it is a bottomless pit with people falling, weeping, gnashing of teeth, wishing for a drop of water...the mental picture is just awful, no, it is agonizing. And to think we have a couple children who will suffer this fate unless there is repentance.

During testimony time, I shared our concern...prayer was had for this situation. Later in the evening I felt compelled to call son #4. It was late, but the urgency was there. He answered...I spoke haltingly, told him we are having meetings at church...I feel so concerned for him, wishing he would turn his life over to the LORD Jesus..."Mom" he said, "Do not worry about me, OK?" End of conversation.

There you go...

It is no fun to be a parent of prodigals.

Sandra Miller

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