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Yet what if the girls don't really want to do this?

So, they want to pursue a career? I suggest a serious conference be had with the family so these issues can be discussed and a solution be sought to the satisfaction of all.

I do find it troubling that you can have a 38 YO who is not allowed to make her own decisions regarding her work. Not all females are called to marriage, motherhood. But they are called to serve the LORD in whatever field they are led to.

Sandra Miller

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RE:///Well, the financial cost of college does feel evil.///

This is a serious reality as own whom has always been anti Debt, non educated and the provider of the House hold,

I can tell you that young people whom bring in a baggage of student loan into marriage, it can be a hard thing.

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Yes, college is not only grievously expensive, but bulky and clunky for working professionals. For these reasons, and more, the residential model is going to continue to be transformed by the distant learning model.

I can imagine that in about 10 years colleges could become mere distribution centers for one another's best courses. A computer department at Ohio State will rent an Artifical Intelligence course from MIT, enbabling OSU to lower it's falculty costs,, keeping only enough to act as course administrators, and career counselors.

If Karl Marx lost sleep over the industrial revolution, he would've lost his mind over the digital revolution!


Mike Compton

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Years ago I had to take some general classes in order to get the degree I wanted. I went to a large university to take anthropology, one of the required courses.

The class was very ungodly, which was concentrated on primitive religions. It was obvious that the professor was an atheist, or close. He was also Jewish, which I could tell by his name.

The final paper was to be written on any ancient religion we wanted. I chose Judaism, and incorporated some good old testament scriptures with the intent of opening up the eyes of the "blind" professor.

I only got a C on the paper, but felt God gave me an A for evangelism. He can use us in any secular college to share the gospel.

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