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 "The double whammy effect of Natural Disasters"

Natural disasters of late have had a two-fold (double whamy) effect.

Let me explain: An earthquake can trigger an accompanying tsunami with it; A cyclone can double with massive flooding. HURRICANES can bring twisters and/or rapid rising waters bursting levies:

Monsoonal driving rain often triggers massive landslides/mudslides as do twisters. Typhoons creates flooding and landslides: Ecet

Natural disasters and severe weather can often have a two-fold or even three pronged effect (with it) - and again its just another Sign of the age and times we currently live in:

They say Mother nature can be cruel !!! VERY TRUE:

However, Jesus forecast rising sea levels and waters and Great earthquakes in divers an "end-time" sign and phenomena

Wild weather and great sights in the heavens is one those "indicators" that. ...the time is short --and our salvation is nearer than when we FIRST believed.

Alarmist talk? Doomsayer words?

No veritable bible based facts and relative current news !!!

And to be sure not every MAJOR world wide event that occurs is not necessarily a "sign of the times" or that the 2nd advent is around the corner. Only that we should pay attention to "the indicators" that are mentioned, catergorized, and listed - - in the holy book. Amen and Amen.

Bro Stephen

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