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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Huckabee at Liberty University: Are You Willing to Be Despised for Your Beliefs?

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Can speeches like this foster a persecution complex? I bet if you were to take someone who is not a Christian and they hear this speech they might think Mike is a bit off of his rocker. I think it is dangerous to be focused on persecution so much. Just as it is dangerous to be so focused on being anti government because those thoughts can eventually take root and cause and individual to become unglued mentally thinking they are doing right when they are severely deluded in general. The hostage taker in Alabama is a minor example of this. deadn

I believe that any "view" if it has some substance can foster wrong ideas in the minds of the hearers. I expect that the students hearing this speech will understand well enough that morality and responsibility are "outwardly" to be expected and therefore ought not to cause them problems as such. It seems to me that true faith in Christ Himself, produces outward attitudes which could be vocalised quiet legitimately. What is never so clear is whether the presenter or speaker himself has a mind of Christ and is therefore pressing a sound understanding underlying the message. As with all these things discernment is necessary and probably lies at the heart of the concern being expressed here by a few members. Though how much is discernment and how much is knowledge or belief about a man has to be weighed as well.

 2013/2/2 19:11

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Hi Bearmaster,

The devil has masterfully taken the emphasis off saving souls and put it on saving American culture.

I would agree with you that it was during the election of Southern Baptist Jimmy Carter that the evangelical preoccupation with politics and culture became so overt.


Mike Compton

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