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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : One-in-Four Americans Believe God Influences the Outcome of Sporting Events

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Yes, and today that has also developed into idol worship - the idol of self.

The medium is just a tool, statue or other images used is not the point. The point is the gloryfying of things or people, rather than God.

In the context of this article the obsession with that is at such an high degree that some people assume God would join their side and have an active part in it. This is the height of vanity. God always wants people to take part in His way of reality, he never joins in man made mixed belief systems,

then again we're talking about America here, two spirits behind the origin of this nation were rebellion and independence. These two spirits prevail today, still trying to do everyting "their way", It's all about self-worship, because it starts and ends there.

It's easy to identify usually as an observer, the difficulty for actual participants starts when they try to mix God in, then it becomes a mystery religion affair. Or in other words a 'SuperBowl' themed day of worship. Jeremiah 50 + 51 identifies several instances of babylon as well as last days Babylon of our times without fail.

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