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 Look Back Oft- Bunyan

It is written in the Scripture (Isa
38:19), “The father to the children shall make
known the truth of God.” Yea, it was for this
reason I lay so long at Sinai (Deut 4:10,11), to
see the fire, and the cloud, and the darkness,
that I might fear the Lord all the days of my life
upon earth, and tell of his wondrous works to
my children (Psa 78:3-5).Moses (Num 33:1,2)
writ of the journeyings
of the children of Israel, from Egypt to the land
of Canaan; and commanded also, that they did
remember their forty years’ travel in the
wilderness. “Thou shalt remember all the way
which the Lord thy God led thee these forty
years in the wilderness, to humble thee, and to
prove thee, to know what was in thine heart,
whether thou wouldest keep his
commandments, or no” (Deut 8:2). Wherefore
this I have endeavoured to do; and not only so,
but to publish it also; that, if God will, others
may be put in remembrance of what he hath
done for their souls, by reading his work upon
It is profitable for Christians to be often
calling to mind the very beginnings of grace
with their souls. “It is a night to be much
observed unto the Lord for bringing them out
from the land of Egypt: this is that night of the
Lord to be observed of all the children of Israel
in their generations” (Exo 12:42). “O my
God,” saith David (Psa 42:6), “my soul is cast
down within me; therefore will I remember thee
from the land of Jordan, and of the
Hermonites, from the hill Mizar.” He
remembered also the lion and the bear, when he
went to fight with the giant of Gath (1 Sam
It was Paul’s accustomed manner (Acts 22),
and that when tried for his life (Acts 24), even
to open, before his judges, the manner of his
conversion: he would think of that day, and
that hour, in the which he first did meet with
grace;4 for he found it support unto him. When
God had brought the children of Israel through
the Red Sea, far into the wilderness, yet they
must turn quite about thither again, to
remember the drowning of their enemies there
(Num 14:25). For though they sang his praise
before, yet “they soon forgat his works” (Psa
In this discourse of mine you may see much;
much, I say, of the grace of God towards me. I
thank God I can count it much, for it was
above my sins and Satan’s temptations too. I
can remember my fears, and doubts, and sad
months with comfort; they are as the head of
Goliath in my hand. There was nothing to
David like Goliath’s sword, even that sword
that should have been sheathed in his bowels;
for the very sight and remembrance of that did
preach forth God’s deliverance to him. Oh, the
remembrance of my great sins, of my great
temptations, and of my great fears of perishing
for ever! They bring afresh into my mind the
remembrance of my great help, my great
support from heaven, and that the great grace
that God extended to such a wretch as I.
My dear children, call to mind the former
days, “and the years of ancient times: remember
also your songs in the night; and commune with
your own heart” (Psa 73:5-12). Yea, look
diligently, and leave no corner therein
unsearched, for there is treasure hid, even the
treasure of your first and second experience of
the grace of God toward you. Remember, I say,
the word that first laid hold upon you;
remember your terrors of conscience, and fear
of death and hell; remember also your tears and
prayers to God; yea, how you sighed under
every hedge for mercy. Have you never a hill
Mizar to remember? Have you forgot the close,
the milk house, the stable, the barn, and the
like, where God did visit your soul?

John Bunyan.


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