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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : God’s power to grant ETERNAL LIFE stolen by stem cell scientists in California

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 God’s power to grant ETERNAL LIFE stolen by stem cell scientists in California

Can you believe that millionaire investors entertain such folly??? We are truly in the last of the last days!


Heaven’s Been Robbed!

With the flip of a switch, doctors can now make the human body heal and regenerate itself — quickly, painlessly and naturally.

Imagine what your life would be like… how much money you could earn…
if you become… IMMORTAL!

See for yourself…
the video clip below proves what was once
thought to be impossible is now possible!


They do not — will not die.

Indeed, it appears that every time the God Switch is flipped, it returns the aged, tired, worn-out cells of your body to the biologically pristine state they were on day one — the day you were born.

The profits that could obviously accrue to this company — and to you if you invest in this company — once this technology is commercialized are, obviously, astronomical.

And if this doesn’t excite you… my friend, we’re made from different stuff.

This company has already been granted hundreds of patents related to the God Switch.


Today, the laboratory doors have swung open again.

And now you will see how far the science has evolved.

So please, sit back, make yourself comfortable… and prepare to be amazed, excited and quite dumbfounded.

For no longer is eternal life – life everlasting – a religious parable, a quixotic quest, an impossible dream or the stuff of fantasy, science fiction or Greek mythology.


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Michael Strickland

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