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 The Gates of Pearl

I found this to be so beautiful, I had to share it.

"The pearl is itself an emblem of redemption. It originates through specially strong secretion of mother of pearl by the pearl shell-fish as a reaction against injury from without, as by the inrush of inanimate objects, conferva (threads of seaweed), water-mites and the like. It is thus the answer of a wounded life to injury from without. So also the opening of the pearly gates of heaven is the answer of the fatally wounded life of the Redeemer to the sin at Golgotha, even the murder of Himself, the Son of God."

Erich Sauer - The triumph of the crucified

J Kruger

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 Re: The Gates of Pearl

This is beautiful..

Now can you even begin to visualize these gates to the city being pearl, what they look like? I think it would take ones breath away, don't you think? And this is not the only awesome thing about the wall, notice the materials used to build the foundation...humans cannot even begin to build anything so grand, not even the sheikhs in Arabic countries.

SO, so beautiful. God is the grand designer...

Sandra Miller

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