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 reaching the lost is our sanctification

We have to be careful not to use our shortcomings as an excuse to shrink back. I think it's easy for people to say, "Well, I am not ready to make disciples. I have to figure out all my questions and straighten out all these areas in my life." But what if disciple-making is actually part of the means by which God is going to sanctify you?

Someone might say, "I'm not disciplined enough in prayer to teach somebody else how to pray." Well, start teaching them anyway and it's actually going to cause you to be more
disciplined in prayer. In order to teach somebody else how to pray you're going to have to pray more.

God's got this thing rigged. He's designed disciple-making not just for others' sanctification, but for our own sanctification, too. In order to teach somebody else how to study the Bible, we've got to study the Bible ourselves.

Until we pour into others' lives we're going to hit a ceiling in our own life spiritually. As long as it's just about us, then our sanctification will not happen as effectively as it would if we are working to lead others to faith in Christ.

- David Platt

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 Re: reaching the lost is our sanctification

This quote is talking about disciple making, but the heading says reaching the lost. I believe there is a difference between the both. There may be People sitting in church and confessing to believe in Jesus but are not yet disciples. A disciple will follow Jesus. It is the function of the church to make disciples and the work of an evangelist to reach the lost.

The quote is true, we can encourage others to follow Jesus as we seek to follow him for our own sanctification.


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