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Brother Jim, everything you and others are saying might be right and the scriptures you quoted from in I Cor. Chap 5-6 would apply with these words I believe:

"I say this to your shame. Is it so, that there is not among you one wise man who will be able to decide between his brethren...?"

However, Lisa M. was not a believer when she fell into this ungodly union whereas the believer in Cor. was a believer.

Again, I called a trusted brother who confirmed that they are praying for Kenneth Miller and that he is a trusted brother.

Therefore, this is a local matter where the spiritual saints in Stuarts Draft, VA are dealing with the details to ensure they walk blameless before God and man.

Beekpr request is to hold Kenneth Miller up in prayer and not try to judge in matters that we might not be able to unless we have more information.

I am not saying that everything I am saying is from the Lord, but I am, like I am sure you are too, looking to the Lord and depending on His Spirit's leading and guidance. The Word says to pray for one another and remember the prisoners, as though in prison with them. When one member of the Church suffers all the members suffer.

Saints, the point of this post was to hold our dear brother up in prayer, which I am doing and will continue to do.

Standing down and on my knees.

Love in the name of Christ, KM

 2013/1/26 11:38

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My father-in-law whom has become an extreme reprobate and is living a very nonchristian life style (even though him and his live in girl friend attend a once saved always saved baptist church that welcome them with no objection)
had threatened to take my wife and I to court in order to to force us to let him have visitation rights with my children, My Wife and I concluded before we would ever allow him to have unsupervised visitation rights with our children that we would go into hiding.
Thankfully he backed out of taking us to court, I do not believe he would have had a winning case any how but had he, we where willing to go beyound the law for the protection of our childrens souls

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I do not know what else to say, Jim. It appears to me that you are considering your situation and how you could react, thinking what the implications would be should you decide to work to reclaim your children from their unfit mother. Am I right?

I cannot answer your question, Jim. On the one hand yours is similar to my brother's. I feel like saying he compromised too much but he says he did all he can but he did not ask for help to prevent what the law told him to do. The children were older and there was no sexual abuse involved. If there had been, there would have been some leverage there for him.

Jim, if you are comparing your situation with Lisa's it will make no sense. What I saw happening in Lisa's situation is she asked for help from a Christian brother and he worked to this end. The law was not going to help her and she was a mom and a desperate one at that. She loved her child... There are a lot of people involved in this dispute, including lawyers - it is not just a couple of people fighting the world - and they know the situation inside and out. With this being the case I would trust them in the decisions they are making. These are people who love the LORD and will work to be led by Him, honoring Him. I am content to leave it at that. Can you not do the same?

One more thing - this situation is not an isolated one. There are other situations where couples have come to the LORD whose family members are as ungodly as they come. The extended family will put severe pressure upon the Christian family where they do fear for their well-being. There is one incident recorded in the book, "A Song for Your Honor" by Kay Evans. She fled, ended up in Guatemala, was found and deported to the USA. It went through the legal system and she was awarded legal custody but this happened in 1996 in Texas not in Vermont.

God bless.

Sandra Miller

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I am still thinking,knowing some are still asking questions which I believe to be honest ones given the fact that Americans have lived a life of relative ease all these many years. This has given us a respect for law that may be a tad bit unusual in a world dominated by despotic rulers/governments.

I mentioned the book a "A Song for Your Honor". I would like to comment more on it.

As one reads all 461 pages one can sense God being with this family as they fled from place to place, trying to get away from the paternal grandparents who had private detectives looking for them. In the end they were found, deported to the USA and its courts. The story ended well, but one is left asking questions...the writer is not suggesting that others who find themselves in a similar situation to do as she did. But this is their story. In it all I get the sense that God had them on the run so they can sing for "Your Honor". This incident is so sacred, I want to cry. It is as though God had orchestrated all these events to place them in that courtroom at this particular time to sing for this crowded room of hurting people.

My point is that I am confident that in all the mess with Lisa and Jenkins that God is going to get the honor and glory somewhere. It will also mean people will not always be very wise, but God will redeem them. If people are always wise and you have predictable results, man will have earned the honor by his demonstration of his own wisdom thereby robbing God of His honor.

I would encourage all to get a copy of this book, "A Song For Your Honor" by Kay Evans. It is available on Amazon. You will be blessed, I am sure.

(I have met Kay and her daughters at a ladies seminar. While giving her talk one of the ladies present just cried - said they are in a similar situation where they fear for their children's well-being because of ungodly grandparents.)

Sandra Miller

 2013/1/26 14:45Profile


Saints may I point out that a wider agenda is at work here. It is the agenda of he LBGT. As somebody pointed out tbe LBGT is a powerful instrument in tbe hands of Satan that has pretty much normalized the gay lifestyle. In many states, even in tbe Bible belt, gay couples can foster and adopt children. States are now passing laws to recognize gay marriages. And it's almost a certainty that tbe Supreme Court will rule gay marriages as Constitutional. Thus forcing states such as Arkansas with its own DOMA act to acknowledge same sex marriages.

Also pastors and Christians in this country who speak out against homosexuals or homosexuality as a sin are subject to arrest and fines. This being done under tbe guise of gate crime legislation.

I do nit think this case would have been given such attention were it not for some powerful forces behind Jenkins. Thus a bigger agenda is at work then custody of a child. The LBGT is out to make a point and they are making it. And quite effectively.

In the furor over the Constitutional right to own guns. It has slipped passed the American people and tbis forum. That pastors cannot preach the truth from their pulpits. Thus tbeir Constitutional right to free speech has been taken away. I find it ironic that pastors and church members in Arkansas can carry a gun into church. But what lands then in jail is to declare homosexuality to be a sin.

So the NRA has won a temporal victory. But then tbe LBGT won an eternal victory. That by silencing the truth.

May God have mercy on us.


 2013/1/26 15:35

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