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 The Land of the free and brave!

What better use of this expression than for the Church of Jesus Christ, the Kingdom of God: “Land of the Free! and Home of the Brave!”


I read over this and found it so encouraging. When I thought of these words and applied them to my life in HIM my heart was filled with joy because in HIM I truly am free, free from the sins that once hung like a weight about my neck. Free from the death sentence that was to be my punishment for the sins I had incurred. Free from the darkness that blinded my view of HIS wisdom. Free from the worldly lures that dulled my senses and made me deaf to HIS truth. What a wonderful thing to be free in JESUS!..HE gives me strength such strength and in HIM I am a brave warrior. A brave warrior in the battlefield where I daily get down on my knees to pray knowing my GOD hears my pleas. A brave warrior ready to stand in the storm knowing that my JESUS is a strong shelter, a rock that can not be shaken or moved! A brave warrior willing to lay down self and be a servant to those around me...

What a beautiful, perfectly fitting use of those words, HIS KINGDOM truly is the land of the free and home to the brave!!

God bless

 2013/1/24 22:20Profile

 Re: The Land of the free and brave!

Yes indeed sister, amen ............bro Frank

 2013/1/24 22:50

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