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if you take a strong stand for holiness and righteousness today... even among Christians... you are considered abrasive.

You wouldn't be speaking from experience, now would you?? ;-)

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Joined: 2005/1/26
Posts: 153


If you do a search on the forums about a certain mister Hinn, you will find that we have sliced, diced, grated, rolled, and pounded everything about him.'re right. There is a time when enough should be enough, but never knows in a public forum such as this, when new and 'virginal' eyes may be watching. Sometimes the danger warning needs to be repeated for newcommers.

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Jimmy Swaggart preaches about things that I simply do not agree with, but there is one message, and truthfully I wish that he would just stick to that one message which Swaggart calls the "Revelation of the Cross" that he received after 9 years of repenting, which is apart of the fundemental recipe that simply put, very few Christians know about, that is what Christ actually accomplished for them on the cross.

But as for Jim Bakker, I really don't know what he stands for or Benny Hinn for that matter. I only like the music that Hinn puts out. Perhaps the singers have the "goods" because there is an anointing on the music.

But I hear so much negative about him that I rarely know whats going on, and when I ask, everyone has mixed reviews. So I really don't know what to believe.

Donnie Swaggart on the other hand is totally different from his dad, I like him because he's blunt and to the point.


 2005/3/7 19:36

 Re: yur wrong

Krispy kritter wrote:

Being a Christian means not being politically correct. It means being abrasive. By abbrasive I dont mean rude or mean... but taking a no compromise stand for holiness and righteousness... two things that are missing most in modern day Christianity.

yur wrong, the two things missing in modern Christianity are tears and get those in the Holy Ghost , and everything else will follow.......

 2005/3/7 20:15

 Re: You really don't see a difference?

There is a Huge difference in my post to your post. My post I asked for prayer for what was being reported to people concerning a person (who went nameless) that was shaming God's glory. You come right out again and name names (over and over again with no shame) and talk bad about those persons.
Had you taken my 1st rebuke seriously and was concerned about the possibility of would of search it out and not repeated it....but you repeated it....


 2005/3/7 20:16

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 Re: Considering the source


KrispyKrittr wrote:
...if you take a strong stand for holiness and righteousness today... even among Christians... you are considered abrasive.

Ever thought that those who take a stand for the above mentioned things are lacking that severly in their own lives. I don't have much scriptural backing for this next statement but God only annoits truth. If I claim to be a John the Baptist and proclaim the year of the Lord and my life is empty, there will be a lack of power.

And that is my angle, be a voice for truth but make sure that you are going forth in the Spirit and Power of Elijah. What makes Keith Daniel such an effective speaker, there is something about him that says God. From all acccounts that is what marked the old time preachers, they had God with them when they confronting sin and lukewarmness.

Zeke Oosthuis

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