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 i dunno

i think its okay to love a country, i love America, i love Israel, but i aint blind.

in many ways, at least the way i see it,you love a country, much like you love a woman, or your child. my love is always passionate, and i dont mean that inappropriately. When you love, love with your whole heart....and when you love somebody or something like a country, and you see them going WRONG, it just TEARS YOU UP!!!

and these days, there are SO MANY things going wrong in this country, it just tears me up! i cant help it.

Yes, God shaped the man i am, Jesus refines me in the Fire of His Love, but also the man i am is shaped by growing up American, and actually believing in the TRULY noble and upright precepts of what it MEANS to be an American, work hard, be a truth teller, always be ready to help a neighbor, always be ready to be a good husband and father, if your country needs it, put your life on the line, be prudent with resource, yet generous to those in need, study hard, be proficient in the letters...know the Word, Know God, know prayer and Fear God with a loving reverence, know how to bbq, love baseball...(why not? its fun)

i dont know what i'm really saying, except my hearts just broken.

 2013/1/23 18:21

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by rufnrust on 2013/1/23 14:47:43

Would you like to be defined by the worst that you are? I doubt it. Why do you treat your own nation that way?


If I am infected, I’d rather be defined by the worst that I am, and have a slight possibility of a cure than to be defined by the best that I am and be overtaken and destroyed by my infection.

Why do I treat my own nation that way? Perhaps because I’ve lived long enough to watch the digressions multiply exponentially. As I grew up in the 70s the church in the USA was as a whole breathing its last few breaths of effectiveness in this country. As TV religion and many other brands of deception took over the church, the nation began to lose all traces of any fear of the Lord. What we are seeing now can only get worse unless enough shame and godly sorrow can be felt in hearts to bring about genuine repentance. When Peter made his own countrymen feel like a bunch of bloodthirsty murderers, some of them repented. When Stephen did the same, he was stoned to death. As more of God’s messengers cry out against sin, the same kinds of reactions will take place in the USA.

Michael Strickland

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 Re: i dunno

i think its okay to love a country, i love America, i love Israel, but i aint blind.

i think hezwilling is correct with that statement. america is a sinful nation, just like every other nation. i hope america wakes up. at the same time there is a lot right with america as well. its easy to sit here and run it down when america is all most americans know. americans forget that by the millions yearly people from all across the globe are trying to come to america to make a better life for themselves.

what other country in the world can you say that about?


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