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 Do you want to be "like Joseph"? IF, ..we have one bad crop year.

Dear brothers and sisters,

i thought you all might want to see this, its some of the stuff i look at for future trends. What i'm linking you to, is the 11 Jan 2013, WASDE, World Agri Supply and Demand Estimate.

one of the key stat's to ping on, is one page 8 of 40, thats the global wheat supply and demand figure. FOR YEARS NOW, whats been happening is this, you'll notice in the production column, 2012-2013 January projections, globally we'll produce 654 million metric tonnes, while we consume 673 million metric you might ask, how can we do this?....its the wheat STORED from the previous year that acts as a buffer......and you'll see that figure in the "ending stocks", which are pegged at 176 mmt.....that figure is down from 195 mmt the previous. (Russia had a bad year)

Please dont FRET , as you'll see, wheat is not the only grain game around, there's coarse grains, rice, etc.

my point is this, we've been doing this for quite a while now, where the margin between wheat supply and demand is razor thin. There are about 5 major wheat exporters, globally, and everything has to be perfect in all the export areas, otherwise that 176 mmt ending stocks figure can go lower. We can absorb a hit to 2 of the 5 wheat exporting areas, but no more than that.

like i said, you dont have to WORRY excessively, but i thought it would be good, to give you a stream of info, thats useful, as opposed to all the muck you get from the media, on secular matters. THIS, the WASDE Global grain supply/demand useful, imo

focus first on page 8.....and as prayer point, one can always pray for the good men and women who till the soil for our bread. Wheat is a Gift from God, and its good.

i also pray that this may be of some benefit to you all, dear saints...its something Joseph would have looked at, had he the info stream. (i'm smiling)

in Jesus' love, neil

 2013/1/22 9:03

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 Re: Do you want to be "like Joseph"? IF, ..we have one bad crop year.

I know this is beyond the scope of this site but since you mentioned the grain supply, I will throw this out for people to do their own investigating.

Monsanto owns and controls a huge supply of seeds used to produce grains and other foods. They own the patent on many seeds because they are GMO - genetically modified organisms. Since this is the case, by law no one else is allowed to use any of this grain for seed. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Now, put on your thinking cap, do your research. Be prepared to be shocked, alarmed and be faced with questions you never before knew existed. Be also prepared to get confused.

Have a good day.


Sandra Miller

 2013/1/22 12:13Profile

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