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 Two North Koreans Killed for Christian Faith

Two North Korean Christians have died because of their faith, a global persecution watchdog group revealed today.

Opens Doors USA confirmed the deaths of the two Christians, revealing that one was shot while he was leaving for Bible training in China, and that another one died in a labor camp in North Korea.

"He was very excited about his new faith and wanted to share the Gospel with his family," an unnamed Open Doors worker said in a statement. "He wanted to come back to China to study the Bible more so he could explain the Christian faith better to his family. It is heartbreaking that he was killed. I cannot stop thinking: 'If only he had arrived a little later at the border river, the guard would not have seen and shot him. He could still be alive today.'" ...

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 Re: Two North Koreans Killed for Christian Faith

The ultimate price. The Church is facing a rising tide of persecuting. May The Lamb give us grace to remain faithful in the face of all these.


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