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 Quotes by Robert Murray M'Cheyne on Prayer

"[b]Oh, for closest communion with God[/b], till soul and body, head, face, and heart -shine with Divine brilliancy! But oh! for a holy ignorance of our shining!" - Robert Murray M'Cheyne

"And we, who with unvieled faces all reflect the Lord's glory, are being transformed unto his likeness with ever-increasing glory." - 2 Cor 3:18

"[b]Live near to God[/b], and so all things will appear to you little in comparison with eternal realities." - Robert Murray M’Cheyne

Let us not fool ourselves how 'near' and how 'close' are we in our relationship with God. How much our days are concerned with eternal realities and consequences. It is so easy to walk by sight rather then by faith. Let us desire to get so near to God that we will become strangers on this earth. Excerpt from [i]Epistle i. by George Fox[/i]: "The favour of the world and friendship thereof is enmity to God, man may soon be stained with it. Oh! love the stranger, and be as strangers in the world, and to the world! For they that followed Christ in his cross, they were strangers in the world, and wonders to the world, and condemned by the world; and the world knew them not, neither doth it them that follow him now."

"[b]If I could hear Christ praying for me[/b] in the next room, I would not fear a million enemies. Yet distance makes no difference. He is praying for me." - Robert Murray M’Cheyne

Christ is always interceding at the right hand of God in the heavenly places, let us take comfort in that.

"I ought to pray before seeing any one. Often when I sleep long, or meet with others early, it is eleven or twelve o'clock before I begin secret prayer. This is a wretched system. It is unscriptural. Christ arose before day and went into a solitary place. David says: ‘Early will I seek thee’, ‘Thou shalt early hear my voice.’ Family prayer loses much of its power and sweetness, and I can do no good to those who come to seek from me. The conscience feels guilty, the soul unfed, the lamp not trimmed. Then when in secret prayer the soul is often out of tune. [b]I feel it is far better to begin with God-to see His face first, to get my soul near Him before it is near another.[/b]" - Robert Murray M'Cheyne

To be so enraptured with God that earth and earthly things seem distant and liveless!

"God will either give you what you ask, or something [b]far better[/b]." - Robert Murray McCheyne

God has always in mind things [i]far better[/i] for us that are His body. If He has given His Son will He not freely give all other things? Seek God for who He is and not just for the benefits of salvation, virtues, rewards, etc. To 'fear the Lord' is what you should desire, to seek and follow Him for who He is! no strings attached. Watch out that you are not following God for the benefits or relying on them. "Does Job fear God for nothing?" Satan replied. - Job 1:9

Let it be said of us that we fear God for nothing except Himself.

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