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Joined: 2003/6/3
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 Re: Tell the founders/moderators how this site has blessed you please

Praise God for the mercy and grace that we witness in those that labor in this ministry. It is a cistern that refreshes the pilgrims along the ancient path.

In Christ

Jeff Marshalek

 2005/3/9 12:18Profile

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 To Greg, Mike, and Jeremy

This site has blessed me so much and given me a hunger for a "straight word" from the Lord. Oh how I love the sword to come because I know that when it comes it's going to cut something off and continue to change my heart.

I can remember when a straight word was preached in many churches when I was a kid and SI has bridged the gap for those who didn't have this privilege of hearing the unvarnished word because the famine of the word of the Lord.

I thank God for SI. It's been a life saver, both in the present age and the age to come for me.

Ed Pugh

 2005/3/9 12:21Profile

Joined: 2004/4/23
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Escondido, California

 Re: Tell the founders/moderators how this site has blessed you please

Wow, well... where do I start? Next month will be a year since I've been actively involved with this site. I stumbled across it during a time in my life when... I needed revival in my heart, and didn't know it. It was after meeting Greg and fellowshiping with one of our pastors again, Josh Olson back in September that I realized how far away from the Lord I had gotten. And that's when He started calling me back.

As God started changing my heart and restoring and rebuilding my spiritual life, I actually took the time to listen to the sermons on here. The one that impacted me the most was David Wilkerson's A Habitation of God. And then even more recently, God's helped me gain an understanding on the whole subject of revival and has actually helped me see the need for it in each one of our lives. Afterall, I've just been revived myself! So now I am praying for revival in the heart's of others.

I'm excited to see what further plans God has for this site. It's been a great source of fellowship and encouragment and God has let it play a part in changing my heart.

Yolanda Fields

 2005/3/9 14:32Profile

Joined: 2003/5/24
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Chicago IL USA

 Sermion Index :)

1. I have been rebuked on this site Cuz I deserved it on 2 or 3 occasions... that helped me actually :-P

2. I have downloaded all of Wilkerson's sermons and listened to allot of Carter Conlon and of course The Tozer not to mention a pinch of Ray Comfort. All have really helped me allot.

3. The knowledge that I’m not the Only Christian... I don't have allot of fellowship right now and some of the inspired word that comes from you guys and gals really help a brother out ;-)

So Yes God has used Sermon Index for the good of his people... Please keep up the good work.



 2005/3/9 20:21Profile

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Flinstone, GA


I am thankful for such a good site. The sermons by Keith Daniel, Leonard Ravenhill, and others have really rekindled a fire of revival in me. May it continue to grow until we see God stir our nation unto repentance. Praise the Lord for such a good sight. It's great to have a sight that actually posts the holiness preaching available here. Many of the posters here seem to be really open to following God and seeking for revival. Thank you for the fellowship.


Kendal Shipley

 2005/3/9 21:30Profile

Joined: 2004/12/3
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 Re: Revival

This sight has been an immense blessing, I particularly have been blessed by J. Edwards "Sinners in the Hands.." I like to put up the text while I'm listening to get the full effect. I have to say I've read as much as I've listened, I also have gotten alot of "meat" from Wilkerson's "Call to Anguish" and Ravenhill's " Judgement Seat.." Thank you for this site and I hope many more will continue to be blessed by it.


Richard E Lewis III

 2005/3/9 23:10Profile

Joined: 2005/1/14
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I enjoy this site mainly because of the sermons. I have been completely changed because of the preaching. I love the forums because sometimes i feel like the prophet that thought he was the only one. But then God told him he had some that had not bowed. I sometimes feel as thought the only christian around that sees the way the house of God is and how different it is even from 50 years ago. I just thank you all for being here.

Josh Parsley

 2005/3/9 23:26Profile

Joined: 2005/1/7
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Morehead, KY


I just want to express gratitude for a place where i can learn and grow and there are no pretenses. I can ask questions that to some might seem basic becuase of the way that they were raised and no looks down on me for not having the answer. Its a place where i can share what is on my heart and recivec encouragment from voices from the past. It has been convicting, inspiring and in the few months that I have been a part of SI it has stirred a dormant passion that i thoght i had lost.
It is so wonderful to find a place that houses so mant great sermons and then allows you discuss the impact those sermons have made on you. I love it! I love the people involved in it. Not because there is a degree of anonimity to thier persona and i can genricly say i love you, but because without knowing what they look like, who they work for, where they go to church or any thing other than thier corny nicknames, there is a community of believers sharing and growing together. It has been a joy! YOu have all been a blessing.


 2005/3/10 13:11Profile

Joined: 2005/1/7
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Morehead, KY

 Re: Sermion Index :)

"2. I have downloaded all of Wilkerson's sermons . . .

Ha! :-P
I'm working on that!


 2005/3/10 13:13Profile


or any thing other than thier corny nicknames

People on here have corny nicknames??


 2005/3/10 13:57

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