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 Tell the founders/moderators how this site has blessed you please

Years ago I was raised under a Minister who had not the proper seminary schooling....yet his church was full and talking expansion....he spent much time in prayer and especially before preaching the message given at the moment needed....not found in the flyers handed out going in the church....we got out when he was done ...not at noon.

I was able to sit under great Ministers throughout the years that you knew were filled with the Holy Ghost. Praise God for his blessings!

Now, I sit under Ministers who I wonder if they pray at all. We are taught....and no preaching to be found. How my soul has hungered for years. can hear for the first time for most....sermons from the great Preachers. What food for the soul!!!!

My God bless the brothers and sisters whom downloaded these sermons for us to fed on!

Hopefully soon God will finish the task for which he called me too and I ran away from when I was young and stupid. For the Lord has called me to become a Minister....and soon I know...he will bring about the funds to clear up the past of debts and provide the funds to send me to seminary. George Mueller...I will pray much, preach his message given and take no salary from the church....but let God provide.

Ted Smith once told Jonnie Tada, "Most people look at the problems mounting up and glance up to God. Won't it be great if more people would keep looking to God and only glance at the problems?"

Please keep me in your prayers that I follow God and all goes to his glory.

 2005/3/6 13:58

Joined: 2004/8/14
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Toronto, Canada

 Re: Tell the founders/moderators how this site has blessed you please

Oh boy, where do I start? Although I was raised in church, looking back I am certain most of the messages were from Readers Digest for all the content they had. I left church at age 18 against the wishes of my Mom, but there was nothing their for me. 18 yrs later I returned to church with my girlfriend (now wife) and was blessed greatly by a number of preachers. Now I'm blessed again here at SI. Here I recieve the basics, from the greats.I am at this time prepairing for open heart surgery later this summer, and will be prepared with a large number of downloaded sermons to listen to while recuperating. Please keep me in prayer as I take this journey with my Lord to greater places in Him.
In Christ Alone,


 2005/3/6 14:14Profile

 Re: Tell the founders/moderators how this site has blessed you please

Bless God for you as well PJ.

There's actually three ways we can tell Greg Gordon and all the moderator's how blessed we are by this 21st century cyber ekklesia....public:

Greg, God bless you and all the moderators.

in secret prayer.

and by becoming a monthly partner, I dont know the button, but you can become a sermonindex monthly partner and support this ministry, I do.Its very easy via a secure penpal link.
its not a lot, but if every member prayfully considering supporting this worldwide many will continue to be blessed. ...........amen and amen.

 2005/3/6 14:19

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 Re: Complaint (Not really)

I'm having a big problem with Sermonindex right now. It's too enjoyable!! I can't get any work done around the office!

I mean it was bad enough when I was listening to the incredible catalog of excellent sermons. Now I'm discovering that I can fellowship with brothers and sisters from all over the planet! There are all of these interesting and uplifting conversations going on with people who really love the Lord. It's really becoming a problem for me. :-)

I think I'm going to have to buy one of those beverage hats they sell at football games, (filled with Gatorade) to keep from dehydrating at the keyboard. Maybe SermonIndex could manufacture it's own as it's first piece of licensed merchandise. It could have John 4:13-14 stamped on the side...

Great job, Greg, Mike, and Jeremy.

Now I'm off to try another Bonhoeffer quote on Philologos...


Mike Compton

 2005/3/9 1:22Profile

Joined: 2004/4/29
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Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


I was in backslidden state when my google search ended up at Sermonindex! Finney’s Lecture on Revival was posted by then and as I read it the Lord actually broke me down that I couldn’t work and had to take a leave to make repentance. Eversince, my life has been transferred from Death to Life (All Glory be to God!) and I hold Sermonindex and the persons behind it very dear. I take things for granted and forgot to pray for this site until Mike posted his WARNING thread.

Let's all pray for our brothers behind this site.

Your Sis.


Mekdes Tsige

 2005/3/9 2:12Profile

 Re: I've been around the net for a long time....

Internet forums are my pulpit. I've been doing this for about 6 years or so, maybe more. I can tell you that I have not found such an uncompetitive Spirit led forum on the internet. There is a level of maturity here that I really enjoy.
I think the main reason is because we have great mentors here in these saints gone by who have left a legacy of truth that is inarguably Holy Spirt inspired. The church in this hour does not need a vision of the furture, but a vision of the past. We need to go back to prayer over our messages and proclaim and lead a church that is ready to live like the bible says, rather than what is popular. To all posters, I commend you on being able to share the truth in love. You bless my soul day by day and I am honored to be in your fellowship. Thanks be to God.

 2005/3/9 7:04


I love this site, and I have met many different people who have blessed me. I learn from people like philologos and some of the moderators. I enjoy crossing swords with others... especially Neilgin1... even tho he and I seem to be at each others throats from time to time... he's a lot of fun to discourse with (I love ya, brother! Are you down "wid dat"??). I also enjoy bubbaguys posts... and one thing I can say about him is that he is consistantly inconsistant! LOL ... just pokin' a little fun atcha, bubba!

I especially appreciate the freedom the moderators give on this site to really express ourselves, and that they do at times step in when necessary. All of us can get our noses bent from time to time... and they do a good job of bringing everyone back down to earth.

Good site... hope it keeps going!


 2005/3/9 8:11

Joined: 2004/2/5
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West Monroe, Louisiana

 Re: Tell the founders/moderators how this site has blessed you please

Well, I don't post very often, but I do come to the site quite a bit, when I have the time.

I've downloaded numerous sermons and videos.
I given these out to some brothers at my Church, and now, they visit the site.
Anyway, I can't even begin to express my thanks and heartfelt gratitude for everyone that has anything to do with this site. I've worked in the Web Design Business, and Technical Support Industry for years, so I know what it takes to maintain a site like this.

Thanks to All! And May God Bless you Richly!

Oh, and one more thing, I sense the Holy Spirit here in many of the posts and comments. It is truly a joy.


 2005/3/9 10:04Profile

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Great! Site "Thank You Lord" Glory be to God, for working through these good folks to allow us to Fellowship and learn your word or should I say the meat of your word Lol, no milk bottles in here for some of us, but Lord if this forum be your will even the folks on the milk will learn, maybe they should have a Milk Lounge Lol.
Love This Place Mr. Bill


 2005/3/9 10:25Profile

Joined: 2004/10/28
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Nairobi, Kenya

 Tell the founders/moderators how this site has blessed you please

Reminds me of the by Ray Boltz song "Thank you for giving to the Lord, I am a life that was changed."

I knew nothing about revival.
Thorugh sermonindex I know enough about revival to set my heart to pray for revival.
Thorugh sermonindex, I know enough about the condition of the lost to have a burden for them.
Through sermonindex, holiness isn't a taboo word, it's beauty, it's a way of life, a life that my soul desires.

How does one put a price on a changed life? I don't know.
I thank God for using sermonindex to change me.


Richard Walker

 2005/3/9 10:36Profile

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