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Son Of Thunder i come from a land down under, due south at the bottom of your work globes

 America struck by deadly Flu

The U.S is currently in the grip of its worst flu epidemic in ten years. By far this is the worst strain of the flu recorded in America to have struck for quite some time. In fact it has proven to be "Deadly" Sources indicate so far 20 children are dead from it - and in Pennnsylvania 22 flu related deaths have occurred also:

So severe is this "strain" one hospital has set up a special triage tent to deal with the problem at hand! So far in total 47 US states have been struck by this seasons "flu epidemic" It is by far and away the most aggesive strain to hit the shores of America for quite sometime:

Presently doctors are trying to determine WHY this seasons strain is so bad? but authorities are warning its NOT to late to get a flu vaccination. Also health authorities in overseas countries have been put on alert and are NOW currenly issuing warnings to the general public about the potential of this "killer flu" - and just how fast and rapidly it spreads.

Bro Stephen

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 Re: America struck by deadly Flu

Children Raised on Farms Develop Better Immune Systems.

I found this interesting and in line with my observation.

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duznt even come close to rivaling the flu outbreak of 1918 in which over 600,000 americans died (more than what was killed in the civil war).

tragic any1 died this yr from the flu, but we see things with an isolated sense of history. add 2 it a forboding sense of doom that the end is near and u end up with christians who think everything is worse than ever b4, or these things have never happened b4. fact is, there is nuthin new under the sun.

thank god only 20 sum people died from the flu! what a miracle that in the last 100 yrs medicine has advanced so much that thats all that has happened compared to 1918. and christians in 1918 saw that flu epidemic as a sure sign the end was nigh and jesus wuz coming back right then.

an old blues song (written around 1930) by blind willie johnson prooves this:

"In the year of 19 and 18, God sent a mighty disease.
It killed many a-thousand, on land and on the seas.

We done told you, our God's done warned you,
Jesus coming soon.

Great disease was mighty and the people were sick everywhere.
It was an epidemic, it floated through the air.

We done told you, our God's done warned you,
Jesus coming soon.

The doctors they got troubled and they didn't know what to do.
They gathered themselves together, they called it the Spanishin flu.

We done told you, our God's done warned you,
Jesus coming soon."

what happened? nuthin. only a handful of people who were alive in 1918 are still alive 2day. jesus has not come back, and the end has not come. the only thing that has changed is the evidence that christians use to convince themselves this is the end times and jesus is coming tomorrow afternoon at 2.

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SkepticGuy...the only thing that has changed is the evidence that Christians use to convince themselves this is the end times and Jesus is coming tomorrow afternoon at 2.

Anyone that presents you with that evidence, all I can say is, RUN FOREST RUN! :)


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I believe it. I grew up on a farm and have been healthy all my life. Yes, when I think how I was so oblivious to the dirt on the farm - running barefoot all over the place - I shudder. Maybe that is what enhanced my immune system... Oh, and I suppose my children did the same and they never thought about it either.

Sandra Miller

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i think that is part right

i think of our native aboridgnal in australia ,,who as a people generation after generation grew up on a farm as it were in pristeen conditions eating only the bests foods ,,there were all nealy wiped out by the wite man sickness ,iv hered of other cultures that suffered in a similar way ,virus spred through there tribes even wile still being in the same habitat ,,,

im under the impresion that a strong imunsistym comes from it being exposed to desises ,and it gets strong as it fights and wines the battles

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