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 Insipid Insight

Strong in opinion, weak in faith
what kind of saint will make?
Powerful theories put on hold
fearing that step to take
Privately eloquent, personally rich,
but publicly much reserved
Feeling restricted from envisioned foes
resisting my needed word

Spiritual insight, full and rich,
received from the Lord above
But stifled by someone else’s place
holding back this great love
If only there were true freedom here
is the thought of the mind
But forces entrenched from long ago
prevent freedom of this kind

One wonders how such a rich insight
exists with such little faith
With such a big God to stand behind
the man who on Him does wait
But giants seem big and cities too strong
and stand in the way I see
When knowing the way that all should go
without faith for it to be

So hands will hang down, and knees will fail
despite my clear insight grand
While giants empose their own wrong ways
are living within the land
If God would remove the obstacles
Oh how grand this new life could be
But theories so rich, potential so great
must wait till faith’s formed in me

If my God to set His people free
plucked them from Pharaoh's hand
And drove out the nations great and strong
to give to His own their land
Then how can this God, the same today
Not do this great work through me
If I have the same true faith in Him
to match what I claim to see


Alan and Dina Martin

 2013/1/11 9:23Profile

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