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 Wolves and Children

[b]Wolves and Children [/b]

The fact of the matter is that some forms of "ministry work" are more appealing to the flesh than others. I rejoice that the Heavenly Father has put me where I am, but I don't find street outreach at abortion clinics to be very enjoyable. As a matter of fact I am finding that abortion clinic outreach is very unpleasant.

Although there are many examples I could give, let me just share two experiences I have had in the last week to illustrate what I mean. Last week I encountered three individuals as they approached the door to "Richmond Medical Center for Women". I approached a young girl of fifteen with her parents. I began to share information about the dangers of abortion, the help available, and the Gospel. To my suprise, the young girls father allowed me to share at length.

In the end, the family tearfully went home with the daughters preborn child still intact. This may sound like a wonderful victory, and it was to some degree.

But here is the problem I so often see on the street. It's cowardice and complacency on the part of family members who bring their loved ones to have their children chopped up. It never ceases to amaze me how many of the family members who bring girls to the clinic claim to be opposed to the decision to kill the baby. This of course doesn't stop them from driving the car, offering "support" etc. So many today are steeped in cowardice and complacency and are so worried that they might offend, that they actually become accomplices in the murder of the innocent child. By God's grace, we are sometimes able to infuse some backbone into these accomplices and they actually rise up and play a key role in saving the childs life. More often that not, however, they simply stand around and do nothing.

I encountered a "wolf" two days ago at "A Capital Women's Health Clinic". Some may doubt this and say that wolves are not native to this geographical area, but they would be mistaken. I have seen dozens of these wolves over the years, and yes, they are very deadly, especially when cornered or when they feel threatened by someone moving too close into thier comfort zone.

This wolf was in the process of killing one of its young. As I tried to intercede on behalf of a baby scheduled to be killed, this creature of the night lashed out at me. I honestly thought that this would be the day that I would be physically attacked as he and another man charged up and began screaming at me, nose to nose, from three inches away. It was from this distance that I realized that this was not the garden variety dog but a true wolf. As I sought to speak to a woman around this screaming individual, he made his true identity known. This was a "Youth Minister" no less, that sought to use Scripture (dreadfully out of context) to attack me and defend his choice to have his girlfriend's baby killed.

Those who are unfamiliar with outreach at abortion clinics may think that this was a freak occurance and by no means is the norm at the killing centers. Well, the truth is, this is all too often the case. Sin, like yeast, permiates the "church". In my years of clinic outreach I have witnessed hundreds of professing christians, Bible College students, church leaders and their children, even family members have their babies killed simply because they could.

I become so grieved, and at times weary, as I stand on the sidewalk day after day, raising my voice in defense of the innocent and the Gospel, while multitudes walk by in complete indifference. With Churches all around, one would think that compassion for murdered children would rise up in many hearts and more voices would be raised in their defense. In all truth, the majority of "Christians" I encounter at the clinics are not there to stand for truth, but rather to have their children secretly killed.

I pray for the day when this sleeping Body wakes up and decides to live as of Body of Messiah is called to live. When that happens, children will be protected, wolves will be exposed, and voices will be raised in defense of the truth in those places where there is deafening silence.

Dennis Green, Pro-life Missionary

Dennis Green

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 Re: Wolves and Children

This was a "Youth Minister" no less, that sought to use Scripture (dreadfully out of context) to attack me and defend his choice to have his girlfriend's baby killed.


God bless you in your ministry, brother. That is truly horrifying.

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