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 A call to fast for SI - 1-7 Feb

Dear Saints,

God has blessed us all through SermonIndex; fellowship, counsel and edification.

How about - for all who are so led of God - to hold a week's fast and prayer for SermonIndex (first week of Feb; 1-7 Feb).

How about listing prayer topics in response to this post leading up to then?


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 Re: A call to fast for SI - 1-7 Feb

This is a tremendous burden and thought. Prayer is the reason why this ministry has had such impact and it will only continue as true godly prayer is continued to be offered on behalf of this work. That would be great to have a good list of prayer points, I will add a few here. And also a suggestion for some is not to do a 7 day entire fast but just fast a lunch time meal each of the 7 days and commit that time to prayer. but I am sure some will fast for the entire duration.

Prayer Points:

- Spiritual Protection over the media servers and website
- Provision of volunteers to help with security and technical aspects
- Impact of the sermons on many around the world and for the sermons to go into closed countries.
- For God to use the sermon sermons to see false converts saved and lost men commit their lives to Christ.
- For continued partnerships to see the content of SermonIndex get out to many more freely.
- For protection and blessing over Greg Gordon (founder) and his family.
- For protection and blessing over all the moderators on the website.
- For God to use the sermons to spark a local or world-wide revival amongst the Church.
- For God to draw many leaders and pastors to listen to the life-changing challenging messages on SI.
- For God to network and connect remnant saints together through the website.
- Direction for future conferences run by sermonIndex.
- Blessing and direction on Gospel Fellowships burden and book to see house churches start and equip saints to gather together in their local areas.
- For God to have a continued hedge of protection around this ministry.

I hope other saints can offer specific prayer points also.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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I cannot fast for 7 days, but I will join in for at least one day + lunches....I am honored to take part...thank you for the prayer points. I believe if there is some kind of persecution, or judgment against our nation, or some kind of catastrophic event, this ministry will be key to reaching multitudes who might not otherwise be reached...God bless...

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 Re: A call to fast for SI - 1-7 Feb

Wonderful. Glad that there are some takers. ..

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Thanks for this initiative, ET101! I'm very blessed to join everyone during the fast and prayer.


Mike Compton

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Wonderful, Mike!

Also, to add to the list of prayer points;

-That God would use SI to raise godly servants and leaders for His Kingdom

-That the godly teachings and discussions would enlighten the saints and remove spiritual blindess and deceptions.

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im in ,, my main hope will be that god will pour out a spirit of prayer and suplication ,,,as a prepratory move of his spirit ,that will led to a revivel

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 Re: A call to fast for SI - 1-7 Feb

A reminder that it's just a little over a week to go now. . .anyone else to join?

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 Re: A call to fast for SI - 1-7 Feb

I am led to join, will pray for this ministry and spiritual growth for us saints.

God Bless
David C

David Cisneros

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 Re: Will be in agreement

What an honor entrusted to us this day. Prayer and fasting is key to this ministry and any birthed of the Spirit. Yes, I will be praying and fasting! Bless the work of your hands!

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