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Discussion Forum : Scriptures and Doctrine : Michael Sattlers view of the scribes and papists

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 Michael Sattlers view of the scribes and papists

Michael Sattler (?), "On the Satisfaction of Christ," Legacy,116-118 as in Anabaptist in Outline by walter klaassen herald press 1981 p 318-319

They say much about faith and yet know neither what Christ nor faith is. They reject works without faith in order to raise up faith without works. They would like to obey God with the soul and not also with the body, so that they might be without persecution. They believe that faith is a lazy empty fiction, whereby they are also able to say that infants have faith, even though no works of faith can be discerned in them, even when they grow up. It would seem that the works of faith and the Holy Spirit were to curse when they hardly know how to speak, etc. Oh, the miserable blindness! Although they write all of this not because they do not know better, but in order that they provide for their belly and maintain their honour. Thus one sees here so clearly how the beast, with seven heads and ten horns, recuperates from its mortal wound; according to which the Roman school or curia,from which the Bread-Lord-God and infant baptism originaly come,are again defended as truths by the scribes. To say nothing of many other things wherein the scribes again flatter the papists and set them up again as Christians. But that is how the second beast with the ten horns, namely the bands of the scribes, had to do, so that the earth and the men who live on it would again worship the first beast; they had to reestablish the popish oil idols, that is the clergy; they had to throw downfire from heaven to banish and curse everyone who does not adhere to them, just as John predected it all. And this is precisely what he also saw, Rev. 17, how the ten horns on the beast would hate the harlot, and would leave her desolate and naked, would devour her flesh and burn her with fire, after God put it in their hearts. The kingdom was to be given to the beast untill the Word of God was all accomplished. Yea, that said ten horns, which are like ten kings, would take over the kingdom one hour after the beast, would come to an agreement to give power to the beast, would wage war with the Lamb and the Lamb would overcome them. That is how in the last days from all the high schools, awakened by the scribes were to arise and to attack the great zeal the Roman Church, the congregation of the work-saints, seize everything, and consume all the gold ,silver,and other goods which she had brought together,condemn her as heretical, but soon after they would again take the side of the beast, that is the Roman School, and defended it, and again cast away the kingdom of God which previously had come to them. Yea,these would then defend the beast against the Word of God and those who adhere to it, nad would violently strive against the Lamb (i.e.,Christ). Nevertheless the Lamb, Lord of all lords, King of all kings, would overcome them, together with the papist, the abomination of desolation of which Dan. 9, Paul in 2 Thess. 2; Peter in 2 pet. 2, and Christ in Mt. 24; Mk. 13; Lk17, clearly spoke, which now sits in the place of the saints, lets itself be worshiped as either gospel or Christendom since the work-saints say, Behold, here is Christ!" The scribes call, "Behold, here is Christ!" and therefore blessed is he who goes out from said Babylon...

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