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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : John Piper @ Passion 2013 with JESUS CULTURE????

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 John Piper @ Passion 2013 with JESUS CULTURE????

Can you believe this?

John Piper and Jesus Culture at the same conference?

For those of you who do not know Jesus Culture is a band that spawned out of the youth group at Bill Johnson’s Bethel Church in Redding, California. Jesus Culture, say themselves, that they are not only a band but a ministry of Bethel.

This post is not a discussion on Passion 2013 itself, whether it is good or bad, what I am asking is, how does Piper accept to attend a conference where Jesus Culture are one of the bands "leading worship"?

Is this lack of information on his part of just lack of discernment?

Andre Cook Martins

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 Re: John Piper @ Passion 2013 with JESUS CULTURE????

The song Love Never Dies has the principle line “You make all thing work together for my good” Its a few years old now 2009 but the underlying message in the song is consistent with scripture. The thing which probably has to be a concern, if the Lord makes it one, has to do with whether this “ministry” is producing real fruit and a godly life. I really have no idea about that. I just wonder why you believe discernment is required by John Piper. I am old enough to have witnessed the rise of “youth” in the church here in England and I don’t doubt that it was one of the most apostate moments in modern church history when the generation of the 80’s were propelled by the pastor’s and leadership in that day to take an active and forward role in church direction. At the time even though I was only 27 years old I was shocked by the lack of discernment when certain presentations were made visually, theatrically and musically which were really well short of sound truth. Things have moved on though. My son Daniel watches Hill Song children’s videos and I have to say that whilst I hear a great deal about discernment in these things as far as the youth of Hill Song go, their presentation to little children is really beautiful. I wonder what you believe is wrong about this group?

 2013/1/5 17:47

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 Re: John Piper @ Passion 2013 with JESUS CULTURE????

The kingdom of God is a bit larger than you think. Discernment may be in order here. :)



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 Re: John Piper @ Passion 2013 with JESUS CULTURE????

I remember several years ago another Bible teacher was invited ~ and went ~ to an event. That person was castigated by many for going for much the same reason you question Brother Piper. Their response was, "If I don't go, who will tell them the truth?"

I don't know much of anything about Passion or those you mention but I wonder if this could not be a similar response.

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andrecook asked

Is this lack of information on his part of just lack of discernment?

It is definitely lack of discernment. However, it isn't on Piper's part. It is on yours.

Give it a rest. Get off the witch hunt. Quit looking down on folks that are actively doing something for God. Get off the couch and do something yourself besides criticizing. You may find you don't have time to any longer engage in pointless criticism.

Did you actually watch the stream of the conference or just criticize services that you had no first hand knowledge of?

The moderators have specifically asked that this type of accusatory thread not be started. That is their desire for good reason.

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 Re: John Piper @ Passion 2013 with JESUS CULTURE????

John Piper is not a novice in the things of the Lord. If he was at a conference where "Jesus Culture" was leading the praise and worship, then I would like to hear his take on it. I believe that we do need discernment, but I do know this, that there are many young people out there that like the music of "Jesus Culture" that are passionate followers of Jesus Christ. The danger is that Christians can be on fire for the Lord and at the same time get caught up in emotional excitement. The Lord is going to sort all this out and deal with those that are His and are moving out of their soulish realm.



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Amen mike!

I think the issue has to do more with bill Johnson than with Jesus culture. As some of you may know Johnson is connected to such figures as Todd Bentley and che Ann. And Johnson himself participated in the Toronto blessing of the 90s. So it is no surprise that bethel church is heavily influenced by these movements. But just because piper is attending a conference with a band that some question doesn't make him an undiscerning Christian. Piper im sure is more interested in ministering the word to the young people. Because he knows the word is what changes the heart. Personally I dislike Jesus culture and Johnson's bethel but I have friends that listen to JC that are passionate for God, as mike pointed out.


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you are right.

 2013/1/6 2:27

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