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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Mike Huckabee Promotes Hobby Lobby Appreciation Day Jan. 5 to Fight HHS Mandate

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I am perplexed by why Hobby Lobby doesn't want to allow full coverage for women's health issues? I have not been in the full loop as to what is really going on in this but from the outside looking in reads as if a company is trying to stop women from having sex without being marriage and using health insurance as that tool to stop it. Kind of like no endorsing condoms because by endorsing condoms one approves of sex outside of marriage.

Aren't there alot of factors within women's health that can cause them not to get pregnant and a simple medical procedure would open the door for pregnancy if they are wanting to have kids?

There are many issues within women's health that I am ignorant of and women have many more health issues then men do so it is very easy to have guys make the rules for women to abide in when many men are ignorant of women's health issues. I think at one time in our society women were thought of as people who had kids and raised them and nursed their families to health when sick all the while they have a miriad of health issues they have to deal with in the process. Where does that fine line begin and end?

What do you think?


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"the group representing the Hobby Lobby's suit, the Green family has no objection to providing his employees with preventative contraception, but they object to paying for two specific "abortion-inducing" drugs, known as Plan B and Ella, or the so-called morning-after pill and the week-after pill."


There is also a greater issue at stake then mentioned and that is how the gov is insisting that you cannot run your business according to your religious convictions and common sense. They have been making laws that infringe upon the individual with the allegations that it is all done in the name of public safety which is nothing but a smoke screen to promote socialism or dictatorship.

For example, it is illegal to sell raw cows milk. There are farmers that have worked around it and still be legal but the feds still work to close down these operations. This is totally stupid on many levels and the gov's allegations of public safety is hogwash. These laws were made by city slickers who know nothing about livestock, their care and purpose in maintaining human life. Now I said this as nice as I can but rest assured those of us who grew up farming have stronger words to describe this mess then what I wrote here.

One more point about the food supply being safe - the gov works hard to protect GMO grains in the marketplace. These grains have not been proven to be safe or in the best interest of man and beast in the long run. (Some European countries ban the use of GMO seeds within their borders.) These organisms are of recent origins, raw milk has been consumed by man since day 1. Go figure.

What does this have to do with Hobby Lobby? It is just another aspect of what has been going on at other levels of how business is done which the public may not be aware of.

It is my opinion there are far too many lawyers looking for ways to sue people because they lack any other means or skills to support themselves.

Enough of rant...

Sandra Miller

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