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hi pappa ,,,no thats what i said paul said in his own words ,,not that paul uses the word alone

by seeing how paul excludes works as a means of justafication and labours to teach that ,,what he is realy saying in his teaching is faith alone justafies and even befor works

i find it strange tha there is a big hoo haa about the word alone when it is truly what paul is teaching

most of us here are not afriad to uses the word trinity ,yet it is not in th bible

we say the holy spirit is a seperat person ,,yet that is not what the bible says ,,we say jesus is both god and man ,,yet the bible doesnt say it like that we use the woed hypostatic union ,i think ,,yet that is not what the bible says

it would be a contradiction by us to say we should not uses the word alone .,,and then go and confess dogmatic words and teaching that we believe teaches

but its true he should not have added the word to the bible

yea i agree brother ,we are saved through faith alone ,but not by a faith that is alone ,it must produce faithfilled works ,,but a think paul undoubtly teaches the inputations of gods righeousness which is a result of justafication ,,comes firts ,,before works ,,thats why i believe paul said not wile circumsised ,,but wile uncircumsised was it acounted to us


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