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 Paradise or Heaven?

Hey, my ignorance is showing! O.k., so this lady calls the store today and asks me a Bible question. We get folks that do this all the time and have actually had people get saved in our stock room.
She asked me about where righteous people went before Jesus died. The way i have always understood it through the story that Jesus told of the Rich man and Lazarus, that paradise or "Abraham's Busom" was in the belly of the earth, just beside hell with a great gulf seperating the 2.(Larkin has some really cool charts on this) Jesus went and got those folks out when he died and took them with Him.

Here's where it get's confusing for me. When we die, i have always understood that we go to heaven with Jesus. A scholar came in and told me i was wrong. I said that i wasn't, for to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord who is seated at the right hand of the Father. . hence we are in heaven with the Jesus etc.
Nope. I am wrong is what he says. Jesus is all present (which is true) so we could be anywhere he choose and 'be with Him'.(personally, I don;t feel like trying to get 'deep' with Him he's got 6 months to a doctorate and I dropped out of school in the 10 grade)
So my plight is this, is what I've learned about "paradise" true or am i way off base? If so where did the righteous go and where do we go now?
He had mentioned something about going to be with Jesus is the" garden of God", speculating that heaven may even be a planet (???). I say my ignorance is showing becuase I am no scholar, I appreciate the work of scholars and have read many fine commentaries, books etc., however it was not until i started working in the bookstore that i had to learn theology. So many people with so many ideas. . .it gets a little concering and very confusing. I would appreciate anyone comments or instruction on this one. . .Thanks! (or just oray that the Spirit of God continues to teach me until I know the truth)


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