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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Brutal rape and muder of young woman in India

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 Brutal rape and muder of young woman in India

I have not come across any response from Christians regarding this incident but if there are, they can be posted here.

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 Re: Brutal rape and muder of young woman in India

I wanted to reply on it but missed it last week. But now searched and found this thread. This event happened in my country of birth where I lived for first 25 years of my life as a heathen. I followed this news everyday, the actual description of the events is well explained in Wiki. I believe this women was tortured in a cruel way.

India holds to a kind of Godliness but ignores it's power, thanks to Hinduism. It is very evident in their Hippocratic lifestyle. They look down on western culture of divorce and remarriage but inside their traditional marriage they have immoral relationship, which remains hidden by their married life. The heart of men there are so perverse, women are seen as sex objects even in their crowded public transport. A women going alone in night is assumed as a sign for asking to be raped. To my shame I grew up to certain extent as one of those men.

The solution Indian public is now asking for is strict laws against rape like that in Muslim nations. But the problem is law will only prevent their perverted heart being translated to action in the fear of punishment. But their hearts will remain perverse which will find its way to satisfy its lust. They need a savior, they need to come out of this Hippocratic life style and cry out for truth in their innermost life. Then they will see the Gospel clearly (which is preached today almost in every state) and submit to it. There is no immediately solution to this problem.


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I heard on the BBC news today that the six men responsible for this terrible crime have been identified and five of them have been charged and have already appeared in court. The court has said that it is prepared to sit all week in order to bring this case to a swift and clear conclusion. The sixth man is said to be a juvenile and so under Indian law he must be treated as a separate case. The police have managed to identify and arrest all of these men in just two weeks. The prosecutor has called for the death sentence. Under Indian law the death sentence can be handed down in the case of the five adult men if the court agrees that their actions fall into the category of rare and exceptional. There have been street protest for the past two weeks by both lawyers and citizens who are publicly shocked by the brutality and cruelty against this poor woman. The police were able to interview her before she died in hospital and it was her evidence which helped to identify what would have been an anonymous crime.

 2013/1/3 11:08

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