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 lust for knowledge

Some personal thoughts, maybe someone else can benefit.

Lust of the eyes, lust for visual stimulation.

Lust of the stomach, lust for food, overrating.

Lust of the mind, lust for knowledge including knowledge of God, sermons etc.

Lust is so deceiving we can be lusting by consuming teachings on God or holiness while ignoring God the whole time.

There might be a pressing issue the Lord wants us to attend to such as sharing His love with someone or some other thing and lust wants to read teachings about God instead.

What was the original temptation in the garden?

The tree of the knowledge of GOOD and evil

Even the lust for the knowledge of good things, teachings and sermons etc when the Lord convicts us to stop and we continue, this is sin and is incredibly serious and destructive

Especially with the Internet and access at all times for knowledge including knowledge about God, this is a dangerous and subtle trap.

We need to listen to the Lord and let Him direct our eyes, our stomachs our minds and our time. What we consume with our eyes, our mouth, our mind and our time must be under His direction.

We are not our own.

 2012/12/29 21:32Profile

 Re: lust for knowledge

Amen brother arthurrosh,

Have been reading about Solomon. He asked for wisdom, God gave it to him and then what happens, he gets so knowledgeable that his life turns to excess and it all leads to disobedience to God and terrible consequences.

Even with wisdom we must ask for restraint, purity and simplicity! The Internet has become like a tower of Babel. I don't know why God has let it go on so long! I am so glad to meet believers out there through this medium. However, you are right, we can get far from God by coveting information, teaching, wisdom and knowledge. God help us maintain purity and relationship with Him our utmost desire.


 2013/1/6 21:01

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